Remains of the Day, 6-30-07

O.M.G. In just 17 minutes? It will be July.

1. Plain Dealer gives Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann kudos for addressing use of and expenditures for outside legal counsel.

2. Broadview Hts. officials speak with State Rep. Josh Mandel about need for local municipalities to have control over gas well drilling (good luck with that – so far, Mandel has voted in favor of the stripper law, giving the state control over regulating adult entertainment, and voted for SB117 which stripped local government from ruling over cable franchises; not sure where he is on the eminent domain issue).

3. Re-think Immigration. A blog that might help us all learn a few things.

4. Podcorps – is that like Meet the Bloggers only without George?

5. Fact Check on the third Democratic Debate and its fallacies.

6. Maggie Thurber wrote earlier this week about which encourages having the public see the draft of bills before they’re introduced. But The Thicket at State Legislatures reports on how one Wisconsin court has found that such publication to the public of pre-introduction bill drafts isn’t mandated by law.

7. More (also from The Thicket) about the movie, State Legislature. Did anyone watch it on June 13 on PBS? Or tape it? Or know how else it can be viewed? I haven’t found much helpful info on PBS or by googling.

Ugh, I’ll say it already: Happy July. There.

4 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 6-30-07

  1. G, it’s still Our One and Only. Btw, Dan Moulthrop suggested we ask Rosemary Palmer, Kucinich’s opponent in the Dem. primary, to do an MTB. Anyone follow up on that or already trying? Did she do one once? Her name is familiar for some reason.

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