Still legal: Strickland strips vouchers from budget

As foreshadowed, Governor Ted Strickland scripted ink through 38 items in the biennial budget bill before signing it. Here’s his announcement which includes details of the vetoes.

This article from the Akron Beacon Journal offers some details on those 38 now-vetoed items.

This article from the Cincinnati Enquirer includes the histrionic quote from Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted regarding Strickland’s veto of special education vouchers:

“The governor’s veto has made this a sad day for special needs children in Ohio. It strips hope away from parents seeking a better education for their children,” House Speaker Jon Husted, a suburban Dayton Republican, said. “I want these families to know that this is not the end of the road and that I will continue to fight to change the Governor’s mind and the law.”

Sounds as though the Speaker’s forgotten something: There’s a federal law that Ohio can make sure gets enforced in each and every one of its public school districts. I don’t even have such a law to look to for the education of my kids who are also in the exceptional education range, just not in special ed.

Speaker Husted, why not

1) promise the parents you’re saying have been stripped of hope that you will see that the Ohio Department of Education’s Office for Exceptional Children asserts what’s legally required to happen in every school district, re: enforcement of the IDEA?

2) make sure that the state uses the funds that are already available for special ed to, you know – educate the kids its intended to benefit?

3) say that you’ll work harder to make that money work better where it is now?

Are those awful things to tell you to get the state to do? Are these things that can’t be done?

No and no.

They’re just not what you want to use the special education population for. You want to use them as a sympathetic, already identifiably labeled group that you believe can help you expand the use of vouchers and school choice.

Some former president used to say, Wouldn’t be prudent. Not gonna do it.

Sounds about right to me.

Now how about making some promises about getting the current federally and state enforceable system for special education…enforced?

[And P.S. – the federal government’s matching money for abstinence-only sex education probably won’t be in its budget so not having it in Ohio’s makes sense.]

H/t Progress Ohio.

One thought on “Still legal: Strickland strips vouchers from budget

  1. Someone named “dave” I apologize if it’s a dave whom I should know or recognize and I don’t – left a comment here with the following:”Maybe Mr. Husted has the best interest of the child in mind , not the teachers union. Jill please read the following comment from Pho’s.”What comes after that is the text of a comment that was also left here, word for word, which got deleted a day or two ago (and I wrote why). That comment republished an entire WSJ article onto this blog. I do not support republishing entire articles.I encouraged the person to come back and leave a link but so far he or she hasn’t. Here is a link to where you can read the WSJ article of you like. Again, the original comment was left by an Anonymous. The comment that included the one line above then the WSJ article completely reprinted was “dave.”As for the comment about Mr. Husted. He may or may not care about the kids. What he cares most about, however, is entities like White Hat Management and David Brennan who, with his family, has given Husted tens of thousands of dollars.I don’t know the unions, but I know these kids. And it’s the fact that private schools don’t have to fulfill federal IDEA requirements that they are out of reach for most Americans, not because of unions. Not to mention, private schools and their ability to operate in a parallel universe (that’s not even on the same plain often) have existed in this country far longer than labor unions.

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