Update on Sheffield woman facing third DUI

I wrote about Kristina Fretter here.

The Chronicle-Telegram has this update:

Brendon Naylon, 38, of Sheffield Lake [identified as her boyfriend] received a citation for wrongful entrustment after Fretter told police that he knew her license had been suspended when he let her borrow his 1994 Ford Ranger on June 24.

Fretter [who was taken in on June 24] was released on $2,500 bond from Avon Lake Municipal Court on the condition that she does not drive a vehicle at least until her pretrial, which is scheduled for July 26.

Released on the condition that she does not drive a vehicle at least until her pretrial, scheduled 25 days from now? You are kidding, right? A person who’s already driven with a suspended license twice in the last 30 days?

Someone out there – tell me what more could be done until her pretrial, like moving it up, requiring some checking in or other monitoring. Something.

Anyone want to make a guess as to whether she’ll have another incident between now and July 26?

5 thoughts on “Update on Sheffield woman facing third DUI

  1. Jill — The other DUIs were also in Ohio but I suspect you’d have to dig for them. My point is that it’s far worse than it sounds at first glance…if that’s believable! 3 is bad enough… but that’s not all, I suspect it’s only a matter of time before someone in the media figures that out.You hit the nail on the head, and it’s something that the friends and family struggle with tremendously: She needs to want the help, no matter how much we just want to give it to her and offer to her. We hoped that the last DUI that resulted in the Taser incident and the officer being fired would be enough to get her to “hit her bottom”… but once again she “lucked out”, the consequences of her actions were lessened and even dismissed. She was actually on probation for the previous 2 DUIs when the taser happened, but because the DUI charges were dismissed, it didn’t count as a probation violation and shortly thereafter the probation period was over anyway, so she was free and clear to get her license again. Yes, free and clear to get back on the road (there were some fees and fines to be paid, which is why they say her license is still suspended because she did not pay them, I believe). I hope this time the jail sentence that is bound to come down on her will be enough to get her to want the help and to take it. She is a wonderful caring person when she’s not drinking, and I don’t think she’s given up, however, it’s hard to believe that when we see the same news stories and videos that the public does. You can only imagine how embarrassing it is for the family to have coworkers ask about the story and whether there is a relation, especially from 1200 miles away.As for your first question about what can be done… I know that in the past, they have used devices to monitor people, such as the alcohol detecting anklet (SCRAM) as well as those things in cars that won’t let the engine turn on unless the person blows into it and is sober. I don’t know why they are not using anything now, especially since she has clearly demonstrated that the law is not going to stop her. I can say that I think it’s highly doubtful that she will have an opportunity to drive again, but then again, nothing surprises me anymore.Thanks for your blog and the well wishes.

  2. Friend – thanks for reading and commenting. I didn’t check court dockets or anything, I confess. I only went by what I could turn up in a Google news search.Listen – I’m a lawyer and a social worker, I totally understand what you’re saying. She’s got to want to get help though – I’m sure you know that. If she doesn’t see the danger she poses to others and herself, or has stopped caring about that danger (if she once was someone who did care), then people who can help her understand what’s happened and what will happen, and who can help her care again need to work on that with her.Otherwise, all the system can do, and it’s not even doing such a great job at it right now, is try to protect others, and her.I wish you a lot of luck, as I do her as well. There’s nothing happy in reading about these situations, let alone personally knowing the people who are going through it.

  3. Jill — You’re actually missing that this is DUI # 5, of those that she’s actually been caught for since 1998 maybe?. I’m sad to say but I partially blame the system for being too scared over the potential lawsuit stemming from the tazer incident, and letting her off the last time, while not recognizing or addressing a true pattern here. –Friend of the Tazed Woman (a friend who cares, but does not condone what she’s done but knows she needs tremendous help, not leniency or acquittal…)

  4. Thanks for playing along, Jeff. You know it’s not for lack of understanding, I’m just saying that I can’t let driving runks be driving drunks. There are some things I’ll shrug off as part of life but that’s not one of them.

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