Answer re: Mandel's position on eminent domain vis a vis home rule: fahgettaboutit

In this post, I noted that Broadview Heights officials had approached State Rep. Josh Mandel regarding their concern over the state’s control of gas drilling. I wished them good luck, since Mandel has been voting against home rule (the adult entertainment law that lets the state regulate, rather than the localities, and the video franchising law – SB117 – that usurps municipalities control over cable franchising in favor of the state’s coziness with AT&T). And I said that I didn’t know how he’d voted on the twin eminent domain efforts that were in the Ohio legislature.

This Week at the Statehouse fills in the blank: Mandel voted for stripping localities of control over eminent domain. He voted in favor of the bill that passed (SB7) as well as in favor of the resolution (SJR 1) that would have placed a constitutional amendment before Ohioans to eliminate the existence of home rule in regard to when cities can take private property (the latter effort failed).

All sounds Greek to you? It’s not easy to understand and I grilled both Jay Miller of Crains and Joe Frolik from The Plain Dealer about the bill and the ballot issue before last week’s WCPN roundtable (this article focuses on the defeat of the constitutional amendment resolution but discusses the twinned bill as well).

I’d expect us to hear more, but much of that depends on how much the news sources filter it in, or out, as an important issue.

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