Stein Mart in Solon and Beachwood=another example of too much retail

There’s too much retail in NEO already and now comes news from Crain’s that Stein Mart is building in Solon as well as Beachwood.

Some duplicates seem to be working: Bed, Bath and Beyond being one. In fact, BBB moved closer to Solon with its address change to Chagrin Highlands and continues to exist at Eastgate.

But Old Navy hasn’t been as lucky. It’s now only at Golden Gate and Solon, with the Orange Village one shuttering up about three years ago, maybe more.

4 thoughts on “Stein Mart in Solon and Beachwood=another example of too much retail

  1. The Old Navy that was in the Village Square strip mall just off of 271 in Orange Village closed at least three years ago but the Golden Gate and Solon ones seem fine.

  2. Hi Kristen – Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ve heard good things about Stein Mart, and with three kids, I’m happy to have it here. I’m also lucky because I’m pretty much equidistant between both locations – doesn’t really matter to me where it lands. Just seems redundant to me since they’ll only be, maybe, 15-20 mins away from each other, you know? But hey – I’m not a real estate or retail person. If they think people will populate them both, go for it. Gives me more choice!

  3. I’m really excited to have access to more Stein Mart locations. They have the best accessories. I get out to the Westlake one probably quarterly, but this will make it a whole lot easier. (Stein mart is also a great place for buying gifts, so the east siders will have it here for Christmas.)

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