Remains of the Day, 7-2-07

I’m skipping what you already know because…you already know it (think Scooter Libby, Jim Trakas, school funding amendment).

1. Anyone know if any Ohio papers are doing anything remotely like this? We know there are more than a few folks out there who are already doing hyper-local coverage.

2. I know this will sound weird coming from me, but there’s just something off about making millions of dollars on Sundays from the lottery.

3. At least one poll’s numbers indicate overwhelming support for female political leaders. The poll wouldn’t mean much to me except that The White House Project was involved, and that’s an initiative I’ve really come to care about over the last several months. Keep your eyes out for a Go Run Ohio.

4. Museum of the History of Polish Jews begins to rise. The completion of it would be a good excuse to go to Poland for me. My grandfather (and later his brother, another Cleveland Sam Miller – whom the Forest City Sam Miller recalled to me a couple of months ago, it was bizarre!) came here from Poland in the mid-1910s. I know many stories. But to go there? That would be quite a trip.

5. Fertility in the Jewish population was the subject of this AJC blog post and a salon gathering of young Jews in NYC. I’ve lived with hearing about this issue and intermarriage for literally decades so it’s interesting to see how it has or hasn’t changed since the late 1960s.

6. Muslim female tennis players. I really like The Media Line for news in the Middle East. Here’s another item in The Media Line, regarding a new report from Human Rights Watch:

HRW: Israel and Palestinians Both Show ‘Appalling Disregard For Civilian Life’

A new report issued by Human Rights Watch, an American-based leader among human rights movements, accuses both Israel and the Palestinian Authority of an “appalling disregard for civilian life,” citing Israel artillery and Palestinian rocket attacks. In the case of Israel, HRW was critical of its policy of reducing the safety range of artillery fire – the permissible distance between civilians and targets. According to HRW, most of the civilian casualties that Israel inflicted upon Palestinians came after the new policy was put into effect. Regarding the Palestinians, HRW pointed out that a large number of Palestinians were victims of Palestinian rockets because of the lack of reliability of the home-made rockets and their placement close to civilian populations.

7. Fortune Small Business’s list of the fastest growing small businesses includes three from Ohio, two in Cincy and one in Columbus. Rah. (not)

8. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Give & Take, a blog that watches the nonprofit world.

9. Women coming into ownership of car dealerships as the dad’s pass them on creates interesting new showrooms.

And that’s the Monday that was.

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