Remains of the Day, 7-3-07

1. Be there or don’t complain. Oh, okay. At least, try to attend the Community Forum on the Cuyahoga County sales tax for convention center and medical mart next Thursday brought to us by Cool Cleveland, Meet the Bloggers, and Brewed Fresh Daily. And if you do complain? Do it constructively, okay? Especially if you have questions, comments or suggestions. I expect to attend.

2. School Performance Audits. What are they and why should you care? I’m still trying to figure that out. If you have anything to contribute on the topic, please email me or leave a comment. H/t to King who mentioned them in this post about Jim Trakas. I also found this post from the AFT that references a Texas performance audit program. Again – if anyone knows anything…

3. Speaking of school performance audits, Bill Callahan on the Cleveland School Board. It feels as disingenuous as it might sound for me to express worry and anxiety about the Cleveland Public Schools. And yet, I do feel that as a resident of this county and region, I should be concerned and I should feel anxious about it. What can I do about my concerns and with my anxiety? Well, educate myself about what exactly is and isn’t going on in that district. And listen. A lot.

4. This STEM stuff, described here in a governor announcement about a $500K grant to Ohio from the National Governors Association sounds pretty wonky, don’t you think? Ohio – Land of the Wonks? Nah…

5. Online has a column I like called The Juggle. Subscribe.

6. My Firefox just crashed and I know there’s supposed to be a way to get all the tabs to re-open but they never seem to for me so I just lost some remains.

7. Anyone like End of the Affair as a substitute for Remains of the Day?

8. The Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship sounds very interesting.

Students from journalism, computer engineering, design and business will come together in the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship to create innovative new media products and learn how to be digital entrepreneurs.

“Emerging technologies, new methods of storytelling, interactivity with news consumers and innovative ways of thinking about the news all give promise for a better news media future, a future that can engage news consumers, build communities and increase participation in the democracy,” said Cronkite School Dean Christopher Callahan. “The Knight Center will harness that promise and develop innovative new products while growing a cadre of talented young entrepreneurs trained to meet the news needs of a new generation.”

The Knight Center, which will open in August, will work closely with the New Media Innovation Lab, a research and development institute established last year at the Cronkite School that works with major media companies on digital product development. The Knight Center will be housed on the Tempe campus for one year, then move to the digital media wing of the Cronkite School’s new state-of-the-art complex in downtown Phoenix in August 2008.

But do they have to say that it’s for young people?

I guess doing it the old-fashion way – out of desire, interest & necessity – is best done by us old-timers. Though I would say that it sounds like the Center is imitating what already exists organically.

Three cheers for the red, white and blue. Or cloudy with thunderstorms as the case may be tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 7-3-07

  1. *”7. Anyone like End of the Affair as a substitute for Remains of the Day?”*No. Please don’t. And if you must ask, please ask quietly. YFL>

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