Roldo: those who'll profit from Convention Ctr/Med Mart should pay, how novel is that?

That’s tongue-in-cheek on my part, of course. OF COURSE they should pay, something for goodness sakes.

But don’t take my histrionics for granted. Read the always well-written and argued Roldo here on that topic and others.

5 thoughts on “Roldo: those who'll profit from Convention Ctr/Med Mart should pay, how novel is that?

  1. I have a couple thoughts. First, I don’t believe the City has enough money right now to go ahead with a Convention Center, unless they do what you suggest and let the developer actually PAY for it. So that money can’t be used to help make that area more vibrant in a natural way. I guess I’m assuming they will go for the FC proposal. My second thought is that a Convention Center in the best case scenario brings in jobs and money from conventioneers, but not really housing. People argue that money in the coffers gives the City more to spend on us. Personally, a lively business district that can develop loyal local customers helps Downtown keep moving in the direction of more residential units…not a convention center. If they have to build it, I like one of the proposals that puts it away from Public Square. I asked Robert Brown of the Planning Commission how people were voting on the Convention Ctr on the website; he said there had not been much activity; apathy? Resignation? The Park Bldg condos across from the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial are selling like hotcakes. My feeling is those residents would like places around that support them, a vibrant commercial district, no? Not a convention center. Tacking on the Medical Mart seems like adding salaries for Congress to a bill on agriculture…you get my drift.

  2. Thanks, Carole – esp. given that you are in real estate. Is there any other perspective you can provide on this issue, as it relates to real estate development?

  3. I blame it on stadiums; once they started becoming the saviors of cities with tax exemptions and city funding, all hell broke loose. Yes they should pay! lolol

  4. How novel is that? Unless your place is very much different than here – I’d say it’s a first.Wish I were being cynical but I’m not. Not by much anyway …

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