“Using Google Earth for Political Advocacy”

Like I even know the first thing about either one of those things – Google Earth of political advocacy.

But I don’t have to – because I can Google anything and I did find e.politics.com just before I presented at the AAPC Academic Outreach Conference.

I’ve got e.politics.com in my RSS feed reader now and tonight I saw this post about how to use Google Earth for political advocacy (Google Earth has an outreach outfit that did the explaining at a conference and then a couple of attendees blogged about the session).  I don’t do much actual political advocating – it has to be pretty specific, like getting women into the pipeline or separation of church and state or education.

But for WLST readers who do engage in advocacy, you really should check out the sites that Colin Delany highlights in that post:

First, this post at Have Fun Do Good explains many of the technical aspects of the application.  Then, this post at Lorna Li/Green 2.0 Marketing uses visuals to help us see how the applications are…applied.

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