And still more reviews of Plain Dealer’s handling of Wide Open

Cleveland Scene

Jeff Jarvis on Buzz Machine and what could have been (or at least, why what was didn’t have to be)

Cleveland Leader publishes Roldo’s thoughts

And from my email, with permission from a local reporter (with a print publication), edited to protect the innocent, also with permission:

We’ve been following the whole OpenOhio exchange here and reliving the pain of our own ethics policy, which was, as drafted by our board, needlessly draconian to the point of barring our participation in many facts [sic] of the community. We protested that as community journalists we HAVE to participate in the community to some extent to do our jobs, and we won some concessions. But we’re forbidden from making contribution to campaigns, parties or causes (including stuff like Greenpeace, Amnesty International), and we can’t sign petitions even if they’re just to put an issue on the ballot.

And people wonder why I’d want to be an independent blogger?

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