10Question video to check out, from founder of The Political Voices of Women

Catherine Morgan is a go-getter – taking the initiative when she discovers an unfilled niche – like no organized list or site for female political blogs (she started an excellent list and blog).

Now she’s done a video for the 10Questions project.  She and her daughter both did one and they are very cool – you can see them here (scroll down).  Please consider checking out their videos and voting for them.

Has anyone else done one yet that we should look at?

9 thoughts on “10Question video to check out, from founder of The Political Voices of Women

  1. Well…since I didn’t post my video until a few days ago…I knew it didn’t have a chance to win. I was asked to do it by Morra at BlogHer…(since I blog on health and wellness there, she wanted me to submit a video about healthcare).

    So basically…you can’t vote for me or anyone else anymore, but I do appreciate everyone that did vote.

    You can go to 10questions.com and see how the candidates will respond to the top ten questions…which was the main purpose for this project.

  2. Hi Jill.

    The first part of the voting has just finished-up (it’s been going on for many weeks now…I got in the race a little late).

    Now the second part of the project will begin. The top ten questions will be picked, and the presidential candidates will answer the questions with their own videos. It should be pretty interesting.

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