Wide Open Fix O’ the Day

First up, Gloria Ferris and her post, “Was it strictly about the dollars?”.

Speaking of whether it was about the dollars, read this comment on the PressThink post.

Two-fer from the Beltway Blogroll:

Your Ethic, My Ethic, Our Ethic – K. Danny Glover kumbaya??  I left a message there saying that I didn’t have that image of him, but that’s just a guess. Blogs being one-dimensional and all.


Speaking of Blog Ethics – Glover highlights what appears to be a new blog called, The Ethical Blogger.

Free associating just a bit, one of the entities involved with The Ethical Blogger is the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford (England).  And this Washington Post reporter, John Kelly, is at the institute for a year and blogging about it here. He is studying…citizen journalism.  Now, what if the Plain Dealer did that with one or more of their staff?  Oh – sorry – just fantasizing again.

Anyway – the fact that the WaPo person is there studying cit j’lism shows that when Donald Graham said he realized the direction things were going, you believed that he really had realized that and wasn’t just paying lip service. (Kind of sad news from Editor & Publisher: Graham and his wife are separating after 40 years.)

This post, Are Reporters Doomed, Cont’d – which I found at Amy Gahran’s Contentious links, tipped me off to Kelly being at Reuters.

Now, apply this post to yourself as a blogger, particularly this part:

I think the most incredible effect of blogging is the voice it gives the performers themselves…I cherish the glimpses behind the talents that shape our arts. It will enrich this period of our culture more than I think any of us suspect.

I don’t know if I want to be considered a performer – in fact, I’m sure I don’t.  But I like the phrasing – that one effect of blogging is that it gives people a voice – whether you are a political blogger, a mom, a milblogger, a corporate blogger, a techie – whatever.  You get glimpses behind our talents (or in some cases, you see we have none).

Do you think blogs have the ability to enrich this period of our culture more than we suspect?

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