The $1000 bagel & all you could want for Chanuka

Yes, that’s how I spell it.  I know – not a lot of people spell it that way but still, 355K isn’t to sneeze at (journalists apparently spell it Hanukkah -oy that’s look awful – maybe the fact that I don’t is what makes me just a blogger?).

Anyway – the holiday begins at sunset next Tuesday.  Here are some things you can get your Jewish friends:

A bagel with Alba white truffle cream cheese and goji berry infused Riesling jelly with golden leaves. For $1000.

Nothing here appeals to me.

But you can check here.

Hag sameach.

7 thoughts on “The $1000 bagel & all you could want for Chanuka

  1. Chris, the next time you are up here, you are invited to my home for bagels and lox – and you can take as much of either one as you like. Bagels are actually really pretty healthy and, check with Mrs. Editor too but bagels are the snack food of choice for many moms when they’re looking for something to give their toddlers.

  2. At this point in my life with my never ending battle against carbs I don’t really see any point in eating a bagel without lox, $1000 or whatever the cost. I’ll hold out for those perfect moments… 5am on an empty street in a store where the windows are covered with steam.

  3. Yeah – that article says there are 16 ways! Of course, really, I suppose – there is one way and the rest are typos?

    I’ve had truffles in things a couple of times but when I realize that it’s not the chocolate kind, I un-order it. 😉

    I would stick with the lox too.

  4. Oy I thought there were a few ways to spell it, I figured it was cultural spelling? Oy~ lolol.
    Somehow truffles on a bagel don’t sound as good as lox but what do I know. I bet if I tasted it I would like it.


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  6. Shalom Jill,

    I had an interesting pre-Thanksgiving discussion with my 5th graders on the spelling.

    The longest spelling we could come up with was Channukah. The shortest was Hanuka.

    The Hebrew spelling (reversed for the left-to-right world) is Chet (CH) Nun (N) Couf (C) Hay (H) or CHNCH. Instert the vowels and you get:


    (I can’t wait to set fire to my CHaNuKaH bush and sing CHaNuKaH carols while dreaming of all the presents that CHaNuKaH Charlie will bring.

    Merry Christmas.



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