Poor 24? (state senate seat, not the show) And…a sign that Trakas has chosen?

I’m feeling very neglected with all this attention going to special elections and congressional seats and an inactive statehouse and Governor Strickland’s pace with school funding reform.

Doesn’t anyone care about the State Senate 24th district’s seat that will be vacated by term-limited Bob Spada (R- North Royalton)?

Boohoo. Big time.

State Rep. Tom Patton (R – Strongsville)of the 18th district, is going for the Senate’s 24th (and here’s Patton’s campaign website for the seat), and, although I can’t find any website and I have the phone sitting next to me but didn’t place a call, this 9/13/07 Openers piece says Spada is going for Patton’s state rep seat.

But what about Democratic challengers?  How’s all this stuff about the ODP wanting to take back the Ohio statehouse figure into this swap by the GOP?

Huff.  Outsider status definitely has its drawbacks at times like these.

Well – anyway, on the GOP side of challengers, is it possible that Jim Trakas has chosen to be one in the 24th? Because here’s a campaign website for the state senate. Though it doesn’t say which seat.  I’ve written him to find out and will let you know if I learn anything.

And of course, this has all been out here forever.

One thought on “Poor 24? (state senate seat, not the show) And…a sign that Trakas has chosen?

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