Jill Miller Zimon on CNN’s Blog Buzz with Tony Harris (video)

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement. And by all means, if you liked it, well, here’s the CNN feedback e-mail them from here.

WARNING: The first two or three seconds looks very odd but it clears up, before you see me of course.

39 thoughts on “Jill Miller Zimon on CNN’s Blog Buzz with Tony Harris (video)

  1. Jill – you were great!

    Hope to “see” more of you in the future – loved the Cleveland references. Thanks!

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  3. Great job on the CNN clip, it was nice to have someone represent Ohio in the manner that you did. I’m a Huckabee supporter but I’m open to the other candidates and their views and ideas.
    Talk to you later.

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  5. More liberal bias at CNN. Jill, did they really ask you with a straight face to play the “moderate”? Look for blog post on rightpundits.com today or tomorrow. Liberal bias shall not stand unchallenged!

  6. Thanks so much, everybody. Word’s just come in that one of my siblings found it “so interesting” that I was “in the middle” since I am in fact the middle child between two brothers. I can just imagine how the frame must have looked to him, given our family’s history!! rofl

  7. Jay Z can I have your autograph? You were awesome….and boy do I agree about McCain! I’m glad the vid is working now ….you sure represented Cleveland well, and as for audacity, I think it’s a compliment!

  8. So…

    Are you a “Moderate Voice” or a member of the “Progressive Women’s Web Ring.”

    I seem to remember quite a few debates that you and I undertook in which you defended yourself as a “progressive.” Now you go on a national cable news program and proclaim you’re a “Moderate Voice.”

    Jill, you can’t have it both ways. You cannot be both moderate AND progressive. You’re either one way or the other ??

    Which is it Jill ?? Let me help you:

    White and tight country clubber, Pepper Piker, Suburbanite, Martial Arts-Soccer Mom… sounds fairly “moderate” and establishment DLC to me !! You are out of touch with innercity white progressives as well as those who are minorities, immigrants and/or ethnically diverse.

    As I’ve been saying for a long time. You do not speak for this “progressive” or even come close to it… in any way !!

    I never have viewed you as “progressive.” That is why I tried to point-out your misrepresentations and/or delusions of yourself as a “Progressive Woman.”

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  11. Good job,
    Audacity, that an interesting word to describe our support of DK we do not like Washington so we send Dennis to rile them up…not really though, he represent the little guy to many that is not audacious, well maybe it is? Did you spin on that?

    So you do write and talks the same 🙂

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