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Womens Voices. Women Vote is an organization that “…started with one goal in mind: Improving unmarried women’s participation in the electorate and policy process.”

However, the information and resources that WVWV provides can help all women, and all voters. They put my 57 reasons for anything to shame with their 20 million reasons to vote. (I’ve promised that I will blog 57 reasons to support whichever Democratic wins the nomination to run for president in the general election. But 20 million? Not even I can do that without trickery (like, say…the 20 million kids who…or the 20 million workers who…oh, okay – I might use that tactic on a few reasons, but not as the basic framework for the reasons.)

The group’s research on unmarried women is truly unique.

Since earlier this month, WVWV has been running a Favorite Female Blogger campaign. I forwarded the information to several other bloggers who have kindly posted about it (here, here, here and here) and now I am too.  I realize it’s just a popularity contest, bla bla bla, but it’s still interesting to see which blogs might wind up in there.

Women’s Voices Making History: Vote for your Favorite Female Blogger

During Women’s History Month, help make women’s voices heard.

WVWV is honoring those women that have utilized the internet to amplify their voices.

Nominate your favorite blogger by March 21, then check back to vote for your favorite among our top 10 women bloggers.

Remember to visit later in the month to vote for your favorite in the first round.

Go here to nominate as many as you like. Can’t think of any? Check out this list of more than 300 female political bloggers, or the index at BlogHer. I’m not going to give my own list because I’m afraid I’ll leave out someone – but there are many, many great female bloggers in Ohio alone, and your nomination can be of someone who blogs about anything. She just has to be well, a female, a blogger and your favorite.

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