Live-blogging Creating Sustainable Media, WAM!2008

I’ll be live-blogging this session starting at 11:00am Saturday, 3/29/08.

Grab some coffee and join me.

You Gotta Have a Plan: Three Women Founders Talk About the Nuts and Bolts of Creating Sustainable Media
Nancy Gruver, Rita Henley Jenson, Theresa Moore

2 thoughts on “Live-blogging Creating Sustainable Media, WAM!2008

  1. Thanks Ben – you almost sound like a bot, you are so calm and even-tempered there! šŸ™‚

    It was informative and if you or anyone you know is thinking about how they can set up some kind of publication, Internet or other platform, seriously – the links are good and also that list that’s in the liveblog of the steps/questions to go through – that’s a business plan boiled down to the bare minimum but great advice to start with.

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