Remains of the Day, 5/29/08

1. Eeeee-uuuuuuu.

2. No, for the last time, no. Sheesh. Hattip Holly in Cincinnati.

3. GOP candidate for OH-10 Jim Trakas (versus incumbent Dennis Kucinich) comments on the OSU game ticket fiasco with Stte Rep. Widowfield:

Lawmakers often give out the tickets to constituents, a local Boy Scout troop or other community group, said former state Rep. Jim Trakas. It is also common practice to sell the tickets at face value, and the legislative e-mail system lights up every fall as members and staff seek tickets to desired games, he said.

But reports are, that’s not what Widowfield was doing:

A state lawmaker from northeast Ohio has resigned amid allegations that he purchased Ohio State football tickets with campaign funds and resold them for a profit.

State Rep. John Widowfield, a Republican from Cuyahoga Falls near Akron, submitted his resignation Wednesday in a two-sentence letter. Republican House Speaker Jon Husted acknowledged the resignation in a one-sentence letter without further comment.

Ohio Daily Blog has more here.

4. Check out this rating of the finance sections of the online versions of the top 25 newspapers:

15. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s online money section does better than most by leading with its strength which is local writers working on local subjects. Most of the rest of the section is moved off to the side, and that makes sense for wire stories and content from MSNBC and CNN. Readers can get that anywhere. The design is very modest. Interactive features are basic. But, the editor knows how to play his one ace. Grade B

5. Here’s a nice story in Columbus Alive! about the Ohio Go Run! training next weekend. Here’s a list of some of the speakers:

Jennette Bradley
Jennifer Brunner
Jane Campbell
Laketa Cole
Jean Droste
Barbara Ferris
Kandyce Jones
Deborah McKinney
Roxanne Qualls
Marie Wilson (head of White House Project)
Kelly Wenzlaff

Oh – and me. 🙂 Plus several others. There’s still room left if you want to apply.

6. Nice reminder of why Nancy Rogers was a superb choice for Ohio AG.

7. Thank you Angela for this from the heart version of what it’s like to support a candidate, even seeing their flaws and not having only sipped from Kool-Aid. Really great post. I swear, I really wish I felt that way about anybody right now.

8. Bad American wrote about it first, before I saw it later in the day through a news update from one of the local outlets. I agree with the Bad One on this: throw the graduation robes over the military uniform. Everyone else has to throw it over their clothes even if they were The Resident Geek, The Resident Cool Guy or The Resident Cool Girl.

9. Will Nancy Pelosi really step in? I don’t usually think of her that way, but it might be a good way for her to re-assert herself and not end up with a Jimmy Carter.

10. I’m against the Castle Doctrine crap and everything they tagged onto it. I can’t formulate everything right now but read this in the meantime.

11. Okay – is Scott McClellan any different from Emily Gould? I don’t know, but believe it or not, Karl Rove, being called a left-wing blogger is far from an insult. In fact, being called anything remotely related to Karl Rove is an insult – so, you know, you might want to think about this.

12. Comparative MBA shopping. Another who knew.

13. You are a complete asshat. There. I said it. What a stupid, stupid post. Talk about people with a tendency to be sociopaths. You must subscribe to the Kevin Coughlin let’s live all the deadly sins rule for life. Gawd.

For comparison, The Cincy Enquirer and The Canton Repository.

2 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 5/29/08

  1. Mark, I take it that your name-calling in this comment is a way of saying that you disagree with my characterization of your post in which you mention Gov. Strickland’s appointment of Nancy Rogers as the new Ohio AG.

    You really should just say that, you know.

  2. Let’s see Jill…what does the seven deadlys have to do with making a joke about strickland seeking osu support? Have you ever heard of hyperbole? Get a grip, you humorless crone. And thanks for the cursing….shows real class…..stay classy.

    You are a putz for not clarifying what the heck you mean? Were you talking about “dirty dann”? Geez, get a grip. Talk to me when you criticize McChimperor types, McShrubinBush, Bush the 3rd term, etc. Until then, ….never mind…you aren’t worth it.

    And sociopath? What about your obsession with the women thing? A group just

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