Contact Ohio GA conferees now in support of lifting central vote counting ban

Jeff Coryell at Ohio Daily Blog posted the latest information about what’s going on with the effort to keep Cuyahoga County on an even-keel as we head into the November 2008 elections:

Today the Conference Committee, composed of legislators from the Ohio Senate and House, is meeting to resolve differences between the two chambers’ versions of the state capital budget bill. This is the opportunity for the conferees to add a provision that preserves the central count vote system for Cuyahoga, Mercer, and Van Wert counties. This change, supported by Gov. Strickland, will save Cuyahoga County about $5.5 million and prevent the disruption of changing our voting system yet again between now and the presidential election, expected to be the biggest-turnout election on record. If the county is forced to rent precinct-level counting equipment at this point in time, it will be compelled to use outdated equipment that was federally certified under 2002 standards, since newer and better equipment has not yet received the seal of approval. Also, that old equipment requires the use of memory cards to transport vote totals from precincts to a downtown central location, and memory cards can malfunction or get lost, as has happened in Cuyahoga County in the past.

Please contact the conferees and tell them to keep the central count vote system for November — and while you are at it also tell them not to put back the disastrous county government “reform” plan that the House had added to the bill:

Telephone: 614/466-8156

Sen. Tom Niehaus 14th District:
Telephone: 614/466-8082

Sen. Capri Cafaro 32nd District:
Telephone: 614/466-7182

Rep. Jay Hottinger 71st District
Telephone: (614) 466-1482
Email Address:

Rep. Shannon Jones 67th District
Telephone: (614) 644-6027
Email Address:

Rep. Michael Skindell 13th District
Telephone: (614) 466-5921
Email Address:

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