If David Pogue writes column on MobileMe mail problems I’m having, they’re real

You know how sometimes you think “it must be me”? Okay – so, a lot of bloggers are not the kind of people who automatically think it must be them when something goes awry.  But I do.

Well, remember when I was in San Francisco at BlogHer this past weekend?

And my computer crashed ten minutes after I turned it on in my hotel room?

And then I called AppleCare for which I pay money and they told me it sounded fried but they couldn’t get me into any SF Apple store (there are three) for at least 48 hours (by which time half of my conference would be over)?

And then I went to the hotel’s Business Center that charges $10 for 20 mins. of computer time on oldish PCs that don’t have updated enough versions of IE so that when I went to “me.com” to get my .Mac mail, I couldn’t access the MobileMe service (which is the old Dot Mac service through which I get all my mail and also could have been backing up my old hard drive because I was paying for it but could never get it to work and even the folks in the Apple store couldn’t and now those problems are memorialized in FAQs for the new MobileMe version of backup) just to check my email?

And then I started to cry (because I couldn’t get past that page that said I can’t login because the computer browser isn’t compatible) because all my efforts seemed so futile?

And then I called AppleCare back because I couldn’t even get to a webpage on the Business Center computer to find a phone number to call or get support for MobileMe?

And AppleCare told me that there was absolutely no phone support service for MobileMe (which seems to be a lie based on what David Pogue wrote)?

And I cried until I looked scarier than Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (not that I didn’t look scary enough already having been traveling since 6am and it was by then about 4pm my time but in SF).

Well, I bet most of the stuff Pogue describes in this excellent column called, “Apple’s MobileMess,” about how crappy a job Apple has done with this conversion from Dot Mac to MobileMe made the people he writes about who experienced problems like mine feel like and maybe even look like The Dark Knight too.

But, at least I know now – it’s not just me.

4 thoughts on “If David Pogue writes column on MobileMe mail problems I’m having, they’re real

  1. My sympathies to you! I read David Pogue’s column, then yours – what a disaster.

    My own experience with MobileMess is that it seems to work OK-ish, with the exception of Calendar throwing up a few weirdnesses, however, (and there inevitably seems to be a HOWEVER with Apple) my MacBook (core 2 duo, plenty of oomph) FREEZES for about 15 seconds every time it automatically syncs (every 15 minutes). Freezes as in becomes totally unresponsive – iTunes stops, Safari stops, Mail stops. The sync software appears to max out the CPU.

    How f*cked is that?


    Steve Jobs hang your head in shame.

  2. That is definitely a consolation – if we use one of the Apple-authorized places to see what they can get off of the HD then return the HD to Apple, they’ll replace it no charge. My kid #2 who’s entering middle school has lucked out – she’ll get that ‘puter – with a new HD one way or another. Interestingly, I crashed numerous HD in a Compaq PC over four or five years and they replaced it at no cost each time too – BUT…I had to go through maybe two hours of phone support to “prove” to them it was crashed – now THAT is something I really hate doing – feels like such a waste of time – though I’m sure once in a while, well, you know – maybe I didn’t have it plugged in? 🙂

  3. My Mac computer crashed every time Final Exams came around in college. It was a strange and cruel curse. But, I’ve had my hard drive wiped three times, didn’t pay for a thing and the old thing is still running…somehow….

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