Haveil Havalim #185 (Carnival of Jewish Blogging) posted

Welcome to the October 5, 2008 Who Me? Guilty? Edition of Haveil Havalim, aka Haveil Havalim #185.  I appreciate eager readers’ patience as I outdid myself last night and upgraded my two-year old version of WordPress with a little help from a friend.  I’m still obsessing over a number of things I can’t quite figure out but have left all of them until after the necessary deeds are done to present this edition to you in a presentable way.

One announcement to repeat from last week: If you haven’t yet checked out the new Facebook group, Haveil Havalim- The Best Of The Jewish/Israeli Blogosphere, please do. As Jack wrote last week,

It is a place that we are going to use to help promote the Jblogosphere as a whole. We are currently discussing whether we are going to include the Jblogosphere carnivals there.

In addition it is going to serve as a central location that you can use to discuss thoughts and ideas for projects that are of interest to us all.

On with the show:


Lady-Light presents Left-over Chicken or better yet, Chicken Soup…for Pandas (Jewish ones, of course) posted at Tikkun Olam.  Although she notes that, in HH, “There is no “Jewish Food” category,” I like her suggestion:  “Or maybe, chicken soup should be in a category all by itself. How about, “Jewish Penicillin?””  Love it.

Carolyn rejoices and requests thoughts – and votes! – of encouragement in Leah (of YALDAH) is a finalist!!!, posted at Juggling Frogs.  Leah is a 17 year old whose work in starting and publishing a magazine has brought her to the brink of very wonderful recognition.

I love the primary source blogging represented in this post by Ahuva Goldstand which offers A conversation with Moshe Levi, barman at the Jerusalemite blog.  Her description: “This week we posted an interesting conversation with Moshe Levi, owner and proprietor of Slow Moshe, a Nachalot landmark.”  Again, living in the States, I can’t overstate just how much I enjoy and appreciate the time taken by bloggers to provide these glimpses.

Ben-Yehudah provides a great euphimism for us to consider using in A Not So New Siman Food at Esser Agaroth. I would caution, however, that we wait at least until we’re finished atoning before we start to tell people to fly away from us when we’re feeling bothered.


Here in the Heart of it All, Ohio, humor is in short supply. I appreciate each of these entries this week:

SnoopyTheGoon writes about something I knew nothing about in Itil, the lost capital of the Khazars, found, an entry at SimplyJews. On the other hand, I used to teach archery – maybe I’m a descendant? Okay, maybe not.

I’ve never really thought about a prayer book rocking my world, but Heshy makes some great points in Why Birnbaum Machzors Rock!!! at Frum Satire. Maybe that’s something I need to look more for in the new year.

New fruit! New fruit! Get you shiny new fruit from Toby Curwin in the entry, A Sign of the New Year, posted at A Time of the Signs.  What a fun image.

Many thanks to Benji Lovitt for his stream of consciousness in State of the Rosh Hashana Address posted at What War Zone???.  It is fascinating to read about how someone looking back, who has lived in the States and now is outside, but comes back – and forth, now views the “old country” – I can say that, right?


I’m a huge fan of news and information round-ups and Soccer Dad presents his in Israel/Middle East News Round Up, posted at Rubicon3. Soccer Dad also submitted his post, Israel to buy American planes which you can read at his namesake blog Soccer Dad.

Ahuva Goldstand presents Fit to serve? Socially conscious kashrut sweeps Jerusalem posted at Jerusalemite blog, saying, “Hi, This blog gives an insightful look into Bema’agaley Tzedek, a small Jerusalem outfit, which is making waves in the city and beyond with their social seal or ‘Tav Chevrati”, certifying restaurants, catering halls, and other food service establishments, which verifies their commitment to workers’ rights and handicapped access. Chag Sameach and shabbat shalom, Ahuva”

Three entries this week from Yisrael MedadWorse Than I Thought posted at My Right Word, discusses how “Israel police were part of a frame-up of the “settlers” accused of murder” and then a deep thinking examination of the same event in A Philological & Semantic Analysis of the “Terror Flyer”, also posted at My Right Word, in which “YMedad does a text analysis on the flyer left behind at the scene of the Sternhell bombing and is left wondering who composed it.” Finally, in Israel Running out of Territories for Peace Yisrael explores the quesiton of whether Israel will be running out of territories to trade for peace.

At me-ander, Batya presents Silent Rain, Early Rain and says, “It’s more like Israel-Nature, a category not on the list.”  But oddly, the matter of rain is always something I think of when the High Holidays arrive, and in large part because it was in Israel where I first came to understand the significance of the convergence of weather and the new year.

Jewish music

Shira wins the award for a most creative post with the video at Hatikvah Played on the Shofar, posted at Rubicon3. Seriously.  This is something you must hear before you continue reading here.

Batya describes what sounds like a beautiful tradition in I Sang in Our Synagogue Choir On Rosh Hashannah at Shiloh Musings.  Size really is not everything.


Some lessons we learn show us just how broad the concept of Judaism can be.  The thoughts in Elad The Great‘s post, Terrorfied at The Eternal Emergence of Elad the Great is one such piece of writing.

Schvach Yid sends in three posts this week, all found at the blog, Schvach – פני דל: Shana Tova, a recommendation for another blog, and a “who knew?” post about Jews in Japan.

Mordechai Torczyner presents Gambling on Rosh HaShanah (Rosh haShanah, Day 1) posted at Rechovot: A Place to Expand, saying, “I don’t usually submit my speeches to HH, but readers have told me they really liked this one, so I figured I would make an exception.”

Ari Kinsberg offers a more formal education-themed post: Where Have All the School (Yeshivah) Days Gone? And Why Sunday School? at his self-named site, Ari’s Blog.

Our ringleader, JackB presents the alliterated Seraphic Secret’s Secret Sofer entry, not so secretly secreted away at Seraphic Secret.

Mordechai Torczyner gave the editor discretion on where to place Dealing with Depression – in others (Rosh HaShanah 5769 Day 2) which he posted at Rechovot: A Place to Expand.  Mordechai describes the post as, “Sorta personal, sorta Jewish, sorta universal..” But at this time of our year, I write as I smile, doesn’t an awful lot of life feel that way?  Thanks, Mordechai for the submission.

Mottel presents an incredibly unique narrative and photographic review of his Rosh Hashanah at 10,800 Feet – in Peru – at Letters of Thought.  Again, the sharing – I love the sharing. Thank you.

Batya offers us The Best Things In Life Are Free vs You Get What You Pay For, also at me-ander, and states, cryptically, that “Yes, they’re both true.”  You’ll have to go read to understand, but of course.


Soccer Dad illuminates the ideas behind Blinding Flashes Of Intellect …Just When We Needed It! at A Simple Jew. When you think about it, imagine how blind some of us might get if we had too much intellect, yes? While others I can think of could stand to be a bit more illuminated.

Hadassah presents I’ve been working on the railroad posted at In the Pink, saying, “I hope working parents will weigh in with their tips….”

This post from our HH ringleader, JackB, is almost one I didn’t want to read – who needs more disasters? But then again, when it’s happening to someone else (is Schadenfreude a sin?)… go check out A Digital Photo Disaster, posted at Random thoughts- Do they have meaning?.


Another three-fer, this time from Cosmic X at the blog ****** Cosmic X in Jerusalem ******The Porush Campaign, The Barkat Campaign and The Deri Campaign.

Daled Amos continues to cover the Obama/Biden campaign, first in Obama’s Ongoing Threats Against Free Speech (Updated) and also in his post, Biden–36 Years In The Senate Can Only Do So Much (Updated) both found at Daled Amos.

Lady-Light writes “more on our forthcoming election” in this review of The Biden/Palen Debate – My Take posted at Tikkun Olam.

Also on the topic of the United States’ upcoming presidential election, JackB details Scenes From The Dallas Palin Protest at Random thoughts- Do they have meaning?.  It’s wonderful to read the variety of views of the same exact political figures.  Talk about multi-faceted.

Yaacov ben Moshe presents In the Celestial Mirror- Obama Messes With the Vertical posted at Breath of the Beast, saying, “Why he is THE ONE. …This vision is the one that, since the beginning of time had people praying for a “good king” to supplant their cruel one, following conquering emperors or throwing their lives into the bottomless pit of totalitarian regimes that promised utopia…”

Admittedly, Daled Amos‘ post that addresses how a New York Judge Instructs PLO On Difference Between Terrorism And War, posted at Daled Amos, could be in other categories. But taking a bit of editorial liberty, in this time of elections in the United States, the question and the answer carry enormous political significance, don’t you think?

Oy, I’m going to be a good non-editorializing editor and offer this link without comment (I’m sorry, but I really wish it was November 5): Ben-Yehudah presents Still Like Her Now? posted at Esser Agaroth, in regard to the U. S. elections.


Ari Kinsberg presents Leining: Yitzhak-li vs. Yitzehak-li (יצחק-לי) posted at Ari’s Blog.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of haveil havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

19 thoughts on “Haveil Havalim #185 (Carnival of Jewish Blogging) posted

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  3. Thank you for linking two of my posts for this #185th edition of HH. It is really well organized and easy to read. I also like the little snippets of info you added (I like your editorializing!)by most of the links; they give the reader an enticing idea of what to expect.
    Thank you again, and gmar chatimah tovah.

  4. B”H

    Thanks for hosting. I particularly liked how well organized this edition is. Everything is very clear.

    I;m not sure what you mean by editorializing, but I would have been pleased to have you comment, one way or another. I’ve got the Nov. 2 edition to host, so I’ll probably get inundated by U. S. election stuff. ;-} OY.

    HH 185

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  6. What a great edition of Haveil Havelim! Thanks for including me (and Leah) and for all your work putting it together!

    Wishing you and all the HH newbies and regulars a גמר חתימה טובה!

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