Live-blog: Obama Middle East Policy discussion in NEOhio

From 5:00-6:30pm, I’ll be attending (and hopefully live-blogging right below) what’s described as a discussion on the Middle East policy of Senator Barack Obama with Senator Carl Levin, Chairman, Senate Committee on Armed Services, Ambassador Dennis Ross, Former U.S Special Coordinator for the Middle East and Senior Middle East Policy Advisor to Senator Barack Obama, Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher and California Congresswoman, Jane Harman.

The Jewish population of NE Ohio is approximately 80,000 and is considered vital to both campaigns when it comes to winning Ohio.  Here’s the most recent Plain Dealer article on the subject.

4 thoughts on “Live-blog: Obama Middle East Policy discussion in NEOhio

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  2. I realize that it seems that any candidate that runs for President in the U.S.A. will be wholey supportive of Israel. I believe that it is required in “politics” to hold this view. However, Barack Obama knows full well the struggle between the countries of Islam and Israel. I fully believe and am confident that he will not pander to just Israel when he gets in office. And furthermore that he will insist in Israel coming to a two state solution with the Palestinians sooner than not.

  3. When I hear the phrase which candidate is good for Israel I shriek. Which candidate is good for Estonia, I mean come on, are we not Americans ?

    That fact that McSame and Obomb-ya
    grovel to the ZionistIsrael and not one other country on Earth is proof of the supposed conspiracy that Israelis control the US’s foreign policy.

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