Nora Ephron offers mental status exam: Is McCain projecting his anger onto us?

I’ve been framing the campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin as one that projects its own worst characteristics onto the opponent for a while now, most specifically in this post from over a week ago,
“Projecting “unknown quantity” meme from McCain/Palin campaign shows weakness.”

Nora Ephron, at Huffington Post, seems to like the concept too:

[John McCain] gave the game away in his first answer when, in talking about the economy, he said that Americans were angry. But Americans aren’t angry, they’re poleaxed. They’re terrified. They’re afraid they’re going to lose their jobs or their homes or their pensions. They’re worried they won’t be able to send their kids to college. If John McCain thinks they’re angry, it’s either because he’s projecting, or else he’s simply been going to too many of his own rallies.

I observed something just like that during the live-blog last night, too.  Also, last night, Terry Gross aired an interview on Fresh Air with Anchorage Daily News columnist Michael Carey.  And during the conversation, particularly in the context of Todd Palin’s role in the Alaska governor’s office, he talks about the lack of boundaries Sarah Palin has between the personal and the professional.

If I were giving a mental status exam for the two campaigns, naming the healthier one would not be difficult.

One thought on “Nora Ephron offers mental status exam: Is McCain projecting his anger onto us?

  1. Not without medical records you do not, anger is not a sign of illness, it is more of an illness if you never get angry.

    If you were a witness to a tragedy and cried, that is more healthy than not crying…its the same thing.

    Everyone is different, Clinton refused to open his records when it leaked that he was getting counseling. I would guess that was related to his compulsions? Nixon got counseling and it would have been a major issue if that got out, during his tenure.

    It is all private unless a candidate is actually medicated, we know Obama is consuming nicotine and caffeine unless what he drank last night was decafe? Both heighten awareness, he says he is never to high and never to low….fine I say less you are on Prozac and we do not know unless he opens the records and he has not.

    I am not a registered voter, I have no party, I am a conscientious objector.

    I like math it is not subjective, I am working on a huge proof. I only got into database programming seeking pristine data, if you control the data you control the process. Calculators do not make mistakes people do. I am not a freak, I am way above the average, there I said it shame on me. I say automate the systems and we can all sleep to noon, its not the most money that wins it the most free time….

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