More evidence of why it's stupid to throw around "Socialist!"

And I do mean stupid, a word I use less frequently than most expletives:

3: marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless <a stupid decision>

From Reuters, “Bush signs law extending jobless benefits”:

President George W. Bush on Friday signed into law an extension of unemployment benefits, the White House said.

It gives seven more weeks of unemployment payments to workers who have exhausted their current jobless benefits. For those in states with the highest unemployment rates, an additional 20 weeks will be allowed.

On Thursday, the government reported the number of workers filing new claims for jobless benefits last week was at its highest level in 16 years and more than 4 million people were now receiving unemployment benefits.

The rant of “Socialist!” or “Communist!” or “Obama the Wealth Distributor!” against President-elect Barack Obama has got to go down as one of the most anachronistic, failed, misapplied catcalls ever used in a presidential campaign since I can remember.  Not to mention utterly wasteful in terms of time, energy and money spent on perpetuating and exagerating a completely non-existent system.

Unless of course the people shouting are that intent on eating their own too.

What.ever.  Just one of the dumbest things I heard during the election cycle, especially in light of all the action Bush has signed off on in the last 10 weeks.

3 thoughts on “More evidence of why it's stupid to throw around "Socialist!"

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  2. The United States government has been redistributing the wealth of taxpayers since the Civil War with the vast majority of it going back to companies as corporate welfare plus feeding the rapacious US military empire machine. I love hearing Republicans howl about this issue – they are such hypocrites from top to bottom.

    I have nothing against redistributing income – I’m all for it, of course, as long as it doesn’t go to the M-I complex and multi-national corporations but to things like (1) single payer national health insurance (2) education (3) small (and I mean SMALL) business development and (4) direct aid to needy families.

    We can have a just and equitable society or we can have an empire policed by force of arms. We can no longer delude ourselves into thinking we can do both.

  3. Let me acknowledge your point, but do a brief rant that sidesteps it…

    The idea that federal unemployment aid to individuals is based on STATE unemployment is outrageous. Tell workers in Buffalo that they’d qualify for 20 more weeks of benefits, except that NYC isn’t doing so badly. Live in Danville, VA, where unemployment is at 7.6%? Sorry, Virginia is one of the 10 lowest unemployment states. Your extra weeks of unemployment benefits are going to the 4.5% of people out of work in Bloomington, IN.

    This is aid based on viewing the American Public as chunks of voters rather than as individuals in need of help. There’s something to be said for the idea that it’s tougher to get a new job when there’s lots of job seekers on the market, but the idea that there’s more competition (and need for aid) in Kansas City, MO than in Kansas City, KS, because the Missourians are competing against job seekers from St. Louis is utterly ridiculous.

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