New Yorker posts entire complaint against PD by Don Rosenberg

Wow.  Forget about women’s wrath.  How about a critic’s wrath?  Many thanks to the New Yorker for posting a pdf of the complaint.

Keep an eye here for more analysis of what this lawsuit means (CWRU law prof Peter Friedman can be found blogging there now and hopefully will weigh in).  Good luck to Mr. Rosenberg – and the Plain Dealer.

6 thoughts on “New Yorker posts entire complaint against PD by Don Rosenberg

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  2. “A little bit later, it became clear that the money had melted away.”
    avda kedavra and then the blue birds stopped chirping.

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  4. Sure it does, it has more to do with chain smoking farmers, then blue haired blue bloods. They pay for the stadiums they cannot smoke in and also pay for orchestra they have no interest in. Then the federal government pays as well, its funded and it’s been bridged with fundraisers to cover past losses.

    The editor hung out the journalist to dry, not a violation of freedom of speech. They should fire him it is an at will employment state. He is suing them so they really should cut him loose.

    He could sue for damages, his career tarnished, he wrote the piece the editor published it the speech was not restrained. He damaged the conductor reputation, however the conductor did do it to himself.

    Who knows, when the corporate funds dry up and the blue birds wither away what interest will the starving farmers have for concertos?

    Any information on Madoff and his local clients? Wonder if the local community was investing in his T-bill? Perhaps some of these local agencies and foundations “invested” in the ponzi? Maybe the funding of the orchestra in part disappeared?

  5. Thanks for posting this Jill -very interesting….. more to this than just blue hair and cups of tea obviously . As most know the media can report the facts and still slant or orchestrate an article in a direction they wish and still maintain being unbiased..It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Loraine

  6. That is hilarious, is University Circle the island, and the remainder the inflated farmers village. Who are the blue birds I have to wonder if a few of their fragile little hearts stopped beating when they read Welser-Most’s remarks?

    The conductor hates the city…big surprise.

    The PD hung him out to dry, they should have thought more about the mans unkind words before they rushed to print it. The PD staff must have had this irresistible urge to upset people, or maybe just point out the cities inferiority and that it having a world famous orchestra is actually an anomaly.

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