As quoted in WaPo: Obama as model is good third-party authority

Happy reading. This Washington Post article appeared yesterday. The reporter spoke with me about a week or so ago.

An excerpt:

Parenting is lonely, irritating, often maddening work. The work is never complete. A parent is often second-guessing herself. Never thinking she has done enough. Not sure whether her standards are set too high or not high enough. Never sure what’s working. Never sure that the child who seems fine now won’t be a mess at 30.

So parents reach for help: an ancestor, a cousin, a historical figure — somebody the child has to look up to. Their latest imaginary friend has become the president-elect, a person held to such high standards that if you parented just right, your child could end up like that, too. We know this is fantasy. But Obama’s mother probably didn’t think she was raising a future president either. So you grab at what strings are out there.

Yup – I’m giving WaPo the click through for you to find my opinion in there.

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