Gaza and Israel

A range of links, but you will have to visit them if you want to see for yourself just how wide a range they represent. I’ve been reading much more about Gaza and Israel than what I list but these are good for starters.  The inclusion on this list has no connection to my opinions about what’s written in any of the items.

Across the Jewish world:

Jack’s round up, #1

Jack’s round up, #2

This link from a blogger inside Israel includes a live-blog with photos showing the tragedy of it all

Sabbagh Blog is blogged from Bahrain (you can read about the blogger here) and includes many photos of the tragedies

Israelity Bites

BlogHer with links to Global Voices Online articles about the use of twitter as well as several other interesting links

Blogger Interrupted

Have Coffee Will Write

Liberal Common Sense

NPR news item this morning, an interview with Shibley Telhami

7 thoughts on “Gaza and Israel

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  2. US and European people pay tax and their governments give it to Israel to kill women and innocent children. Hamas was selected with Palestine nation vote. Why Israel surrounds Gaza and don’t let food and drug to wounded persons? Isn’t Israel a occupier?? Isn’t this an unfair war?
    I think Democracy and Human right is a big lie in West.

  3. K Mansfield – Do not astroturf or your comment will not be approved.

    Your comment makes it obvious that you didn’t take the time to go to the links. Clearly you read the very first one which is done by an Israeli but includes multiple photos from inside Gaza.

    Sabbah blog is written by one of the premier Palestinian bloggers and Israelity Bites is equally aggressive and critical of Israel. The link to Liberal Common Sense goes to a very critical of Israel post too. Have Coffee Will Write and Blogger Interrupted are both left-progressive blogs.

    In fact, there is not one single right wing blog I’ve linked to – Jack’s round-ups include a broad range of links at his site.

    If you are going to come here, give me an email to which I can’t send email and then write things like, “Your sources seem to be all right wing, although you state you have no connection or do they reflect your opinion.” then come back and explain yourself.

    And while you’re at it, why don’t you tell us what Hamas wants? Because peace doesn’t seem to be on the list – I don’t think it ever was, certainly not one that includes an existence with Israel.


    At about 20 minutes the most enlightening facts – to me- are revealed. The ignored political assassinations (extra-judicial killings) inside Gaza by Israel.
    The crossings were never opened or relaxed by Israel per the agreement.
    According to Haaretz, planning for this offensive began 6 months ago, about the time that Israel didnot want a hudna, saying that Hamas would use it to amass weapons and plan an attack.

    In bombing the tunnels in the last few months, the reason was given by Israel that palestinians wanted to kidnap soldiers, yet there is no proof. The extreme hunger and fuel shortages caused by the ongoing blockade are a powerful counter argument to those claims. The UN relief organization disputes the arguments that Hamas uses civilians as human shields.
    They said Hamas avoids all areas associated with humanitarian aid so that they will not by Israeli targets, explaining that Gaza is densely populated, and members of Hamas live in there in Gaza, but rockets are never launched from homes.

    Homes, Mosques, Clinics, and schools have been targets of Israel.

    Israel’s elections are within weeks, which is prime time for offensive incursions, according to history.

    The MSM will never tell the whole truth. Where are the missing doves voices?
    Your sources seem to be all right wing, although you state you have no connection or do they reflect your opinion.

    Consider this, If colonialism, dispossession, and imposing will through force, and attacks – created anger, hostility and lead to the extremism, is more of the same treatment the recipe for peace?
    If you were wronged, would oppression to the point that hope was dead – make you compliant? Jabotinksy expended a great deal of energy trying to justify zionism and the wrong done to these people. I believe that it’s internal dissonance that leads to the demonization of them, rather than their actions. How can this be right?

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