[photo] NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in Sderot right now

Read about from the AP.

Here’s more from the Muqata, including photos of Bloomberg in Sderot now (Jameel tips his hat to SderotMedia for the photos):

Also, from the blog, Jerusalem Magazine:

A vote of confidence on Israel’s goals was voiced by U.S. Sec of State Condoleezza Rice, who said that Hamas brought the problems on themselves by attacking Israel with missiles. This tone was also taken by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, visiting Israel on a solidarity trip. Bloomberg said if someone attacked New York with missiles he expected the US government to respond with everything it had, just as Israel is doing.

And HayLur.net:

The military has warned that the campaign could take “many long days.”

Even with Israeli forces on the ground, though, Hamas continued its rocket fire. About 25 rockets were launched at southern Israel by Sunday afternoon, the military said. One hit a house in the Israeli border town of Sderot. Touring the town some time later, Michael R. Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, had to be rushed into a protected space when Sderot’s incoming rocket alert sounded.

According to the AP:

In a telephone interview with The Associated Press, Bloomberg said he fully understood Israel’s actions. “You should rest assured, if anyone in New York was being threatened, my instruction to the NYPD (New York police) would be to use all the resources at their disposal to protect civilians,” Bloomberg said.

“I think as a New Yorker, we’ve been attacked twice by al-Qaida itself,” said the mayor, who is Jewish. “We’ve seen enormous devastation and courage and after that you sort of feel you have a bond, if you will, for those who live in a dangerous world and subject to someone trying to kill them.”

New York Congressman Gary Ackerman (D) and NY Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly are traveling with Bloomberg.

13 thoughts on “[photo] NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in Sderot right now

  1. @12 I have no idea – I really don’t know a lot about those laws or the criteria. There’s a googleplex of thoughts on the Internet that I never see, thank goodness, that I wouldn’t allow on my blog. That doesn’t make them criminal, it just makes them unsuitable for my blog. I haven’t checked the books lately, but if SCOTUS wouldn’t disqualify your words from being uttered, I can live with that ruling – I just won’t have them published here.

  2. @10 This is a blog. It’s got my name on it. I get to choose what shows up. I’m not sure if I should be flattered or horrified that you’d equate anything I say or do with the EU legal system.

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  5. Shalom Jack,

    That’s precisely my point: by referring to rockets as missiles we are saying that rockets are somehow not as bad as rockets and thereby diluting our credibility.

    We don’t need to, and shouldn’t, exaggerate what is going on. It needs no exaggeration.



  6. Jeff,

    I would agree about being concerned about hyperbole, but I am hesitant to engage in any sort of talk that minimizes the potential harm caused by rockets. I think that is very damaging.

  7. Jeff – hyperbole is bothersome, no question – it’s why Glenn Greenwald bugs me so much – he uses it ad nauseum in my opinion – that’s why I won’t read his columns.

    But, to your point about rockets do damage too, here’s YNET’s report on the 1 Israeli killed and 20 wounded when a rocket landed at their bridage.

  8. Condi Rice may have said Hamas is responsible, but thats not because Rice is supportive of Israel. Rice is supportive of Fatah and Abu Mazen. She would like nothing better than to see the IDF take down Hamas, and then return control in Gaza back to Fatah. And then a corridor through the middle of Israel from Gaza to the PA in Judea, effectively spliting apart the country of Israel.

  9. Shalom Jill,

    Minor point, but one that I think is important.

    When Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says:

    Hamas brought the problems on themselves by attacking Israel with missiles

    She is guilty of deliberate hyperbole. What Hamas is firing are rockets, essentially larger, more deadly versions of 4th of July fireworks.

    In military parlance, a missile has a very specific meaning, it’s a much more sophisticated guided weapon.

    To pronounce that Hamas is firing missiles is to dramatically inflate the bogeyman.

    And don’t get me wrong, if you get his by a rocket, your just as dead or maimed as if you’d been hit by a missile. You’re just much less likely to be hit by a rocket as the relative death tolls indicate.



  10. The Mayor said on an interview broadcast from Tel Aviv that a victory for Hamas would be also be a victory for terrorist organizations. The Mayor is correct. Stop this silliness about proportional response already, I say.

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