WLST quoted in The Jewish Week: Tweeting for Israel

And I sound just like you would think I would.

From The Jewish Week, Tweeting for Israel (which is actually a pretty long article; this is just a section):

[Israel’s consul for media and public affairs in the Israel Consulate, David] Saranga began to make headway in the online public opinion battle when he founded Isrealli.org, the official blog of the State of Israel, back in 2006 and quickly went on to create MySpace, Facebook and YouTube accounts for Israel, he said. When the war began three weeks ago in Gaza, he decided to revive another blog called IsraelPolitik and open two Twitter accounts — one in his own name and one for the Israel Consulate. Twitter gives users the ability to constantly update their status: to let the world know what they’re doing, what they’re reading or even what their mood is at that moment, all in “tweets” of 140 characters or less. For Saranga, this limited space serves as a quick method to keep the public updated with short notes and links to IsraelPolitik blog entries.

“My sense is that their goal is to try and be an official representative without being any more biased than a particular country’s consulate is already going to be,” said Jill Zimon, a noted political blogger. “They’re doing a pretty good job — they aren’t full of invectives and hyperboles.”

Saranga said that he decided to use Twitter after witnessing the success of President-Elect Barack Obama’s smooth implementation of new media in his campaign. Obama currently has over 165,000 Twitter followers. Another inspiration for the Israeli Consulate was the terror attack in Mumbai, during which people communicated via Twitter from all over the globe, sharing moment-by-moment news updates.

“The young generation is not following the mainstream media,” Saranga said, noting that commercials during televised newscasts tend to be geared toward the elderly population. “This is what the world should get used to. This is the language you should speak.” Just as he would converse in Spanish to a native Spanish speaker, Saranga continued, he “tweets” with the population that is fluent in cyber-speak.

“My hope continues to be that when people engage on the Internet, especially because we’re sitting at our desk and are not face to face, it should be easier to debate tough questions,” added Zimon, who scours live blogs like “The Muqata” and “Israellycool” that are closely monitoring the war’s progression.

I’ve reference those blogs on here a few times but I also want to mention again Random Thoughts – Do They Have Meaning? That’s the blog by Jack B Nimble that has been providing nearly daily round-ups of MSM and blog coverage from many angles.  Yes, a lot of the perspectives to be found there are supportive of Israel, but every single link I’ve sent that has been supportive of other perspectives has also been posted.  I know that while Jack and others have their opinions about that, they are posted still.  So I really appreciate that.

Have you come across sources regarding the Gaza and Israel conflict that you feel haven’t been getting the attention they deserve? Please leave links in the comments and I’ll be sure to pass them on.

4 thoughts on “WLST quoted in The Jewish Week: Tweeting for Israel

  1. Actually there have been quite a few links to stories/posts that are very hostile towards Israel.

    You just have to sift through to find them, but they are there.

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