[updatex2][action] What the hell is wrong with these men?

UPDATE: 2/11/09:

Statement from The Women’s Media Center President, Carol Jenkins:

Thank you all so much for your support!  The messages–thousands of them–are getting through and generating discussion.  The topic will be covered on “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight, and our own Courtney Martin will lend her perspective as a young, woman journalist and member of our Progressive Women’s Voices program.

UPDATEx2: Whoopsie – looks like O’Reilly owes another apology: Here’s a recap of Courtney’s appearance, no video yet though.


If you have to ask someone else if they think your insult of the legendary journalist Helen Thomas was over the top, Bill O’Reilly, the answer is…YES!!

Please visit the Women’s Media Center and demand an apology.

37 thoughts on “[updatex2][action] What the hell is wrong with these men?

  1. I do believe Bill was out of line when he referred to a witch when describing M Thomas
    he should have apologized right there and then but to have the Feminist quest who scold him like a kid that is different when ask would the women group protest as much if the reporter was male it would have past unnoticed the feminist agenda is to serve women’s not the general population they just use event like this to spread misandry and perpetrate women as victims.

  2. “Do you really expect me to believe Jill that you have some kind of facts that suggest the disgraceful treatment Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter Bristol received at the hands of the media when her mother ran for the office of Vice President of the United States was warranted?”

    I don’t expect you to believe it, even if it were not an extraneous point of contention. However, the bar of discourse had been set by the dominant talking heads – which is the entire point of this article – and by ditthead sockpuppets.

    So, let me remind you of the Right Wing Media treatment of Chelsea Clinton. Examples like that set a standard and a precedent, rightly or wrongly, and in such a climate, with such standards of public behavior already set in concrete by people of such high charactor as Bill O’Rielly, it’s a matter of obvious political stupidity to put that child with a child out there and expect her to be treated with decorum.

    Really, it’s getting tedious explaining to you Social Conservatives that there IS such a thing as “poisoning the well.” That what goes around comes around. That the desire for retribution may not be entirely a good or nice thing, but it’s entirely human and predictable, and therefore giving just cause for offense for a momentary advantage in the news cycle is beyond stupid.

    Moreover, even though I personally thought the attacks were beyond the pale, mean-spirited and an unworthy way to make the underlying point, in this case, there IS a point. When you stand up as a standard bearer for conservative fundamentalist christian values – and she is proud to do that – then people have a right to point out the fact that the rubber does not seem to meet the road. They have a right to wonder if those standards are only for other people, in her mind.

    And that, I should point out, is not just a fair question, it’s an absolutely critical question. I don’t ever recall a satisfactory – or even comprehensible answer. And it wasn’t all that difficult a question.

    “Well, golly, people try their best and they still make mistakes. This is a Christian family. We forgive, we clean up the mess, we hug each other and we move on. And I think that’s a pretty gosh-darn good way to run a nation, don’t you think?”

    That might actually have gotten me to take her seriously.

  3. Bill’s comments sound so much like someone who doesn’t believe “verbal abuse” is abuse.
    You know the type .. who tell women things like .. “Why are you mad? It was just a joke.” I’m sorry, but I don’t find this pattern of his so funny.

  4. Jill I did not take note that I was not talking to you any longer. Did not notice someone called graphictruth had posted the last post to me. But I still stand by what I said in reply to their statement to me.

  5. Do you really expect me to believe Jill that you have some kind of facts that suggest the disgraceful treatment Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter Bristol received at the hands of the media when her mother ran for the office of Vice President of the United States was warranted? This is what I have been talking about. All women should be treated equally and if they are not then all women lose in the end. You should not be able to pick and choose who you want to defend. It is really just that simple, defend all women or defend none.

  6. People who demand respect have the obligation to be respectable. This is true of both you and Palin. Come to the table with a respectable command of fact and reason and there will be no need to demand it.

    When your worldview and statements make it clear that you value your precious ignorance over fact that make your assertions foolish upon their face – prepare to be ridiculed. This is the internet and we need not be concerned about the social awkwardness, or what damage you might manage to do to us in retribution for pointing out little flaws in your plans.

    By the way – that viscious retribution thing?

    Carabou Barbie is famous for that. It’s a very good reason to treat her with contempt. Such behavior – well documented – is contemptible. Excusing such behavior and demanding that people respect your right to disbelieve in facts that prove the issue places you beneath my contempt.

  7. Hello Jill. First off I want to tell you I did not know who you were so therefore I could not do any research on you. I was watching Bill’s show the other night and I believe Courtney came on and could not or would not defend Sarah Palin or condemn the disgraceful treatment Sarah Palin was subjected to when she came onto the national scene. By her failure to do so I was no longer interested in anything else she had to say as she was saying without words only certain women deserved her protection and an apology. After reading some of the comments posted I decided to post one also. It really does not matter to me what you say to refute my point of view. No matter what you write you cannot change my mind on how I feel Sarah Palin and her family was treated by the media. What you may fail to realize is that I am sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way I do. A feeling is something you personally feel in your heart and that is something you cannot change simply by writing an opposing point of view. No matter what you write you cannot change my mind on how I feel Sarah Palin and her family was treated by the media. Since when is it appropriate for the media to hold a seventeen year old young girl up for a public lynching on national TV? This child was not running for any office but some in the media would not leave this child alone. Personally I thought this was an extremely low point in reporting of a presidential election. The way Sarah herself was mocked by some in the media before they even knew anything of her was also very disturbing to see a media fall over themselves in their zest to destroy a woman simply because they did not agree with her point of view. They made up their minds and nothing she could have done would have ever changed their minds. With these actions by some of the news programs and stations I lost a lot of respect for these people and the organizations they work for.

    After reading some of the comments posted I decided to post one also. It really does not matter to me what you say to refute my point of view. No matter what you write you cannot change my mind on how I feel Sarah Palin and her family was treated by the media. What you may fail to realize is that I am sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way I do. A feeling is something you personally feel in your heart and that is something you cannot change simply by writing an opposing point of view.

    There is no need for using caps unless I am writing to someone who has trouble reading small print. Exclamation points are not needed at the end of each sentence either. If you are reduced to using these to get your point across in writing I feel you have lost your argument for your point of view before you have even started your debate.

  8. Ouida – on the other hand – at least you don’t use a ton of exclamations and caps, but still – you bring in the whole Palin thing and something about the follow up that a lot of folks won’t have any clue about because a lot of my readers don’t watch O’Reilly, with good reason – he doesn’t offer any news.

    What your comment also shows is that you didn’t bother to check and see if I ever wrote about the sexism leveled at Palin. While I rarely wrote about her with great love, I did write about the sexism involved in her treatment and in fact urged the McCain campaign to stop treating her like an accessory. The problem is, as many people know, that she didn’t help herself in fighting the sexism – she kind of said, bring it on. So that complicates fighting it for her – but regardless – before you level anger at someone, do a little background first, yes?

  9. Wayne – I have got to compliment you on that comment – you state your opinion, which is clearly different from mine and others, but without using all kinds of crazy words and phrases, caps and exclamations etc. I really, REALLY appreciate that.

    That said, if O’Reilly had said more or less what you said, then this thread wouldn’t even be here. Instead, he said what – well – you know – all these really nasty ad hominem things that have nothing to do with the content of Thomas’ question – which of course can be easily criticized by whomever wants to. But to attack her for her age, her appearance, what she sounds like, how she says what she says – that’s just rude and unnecessary, and, given all the agreement about it – totally not news.

    Those are the points of my objection and this post.

    But again – thanks for a really fine comment.

  10. Where were all of you who defend women when Sarah Palin was being brutally attacked? How come McCain’s wife when she was attack none of you women said anything? Or when McCain was attack about his age nobody said it was classless? Which is what some people are trying to accuse Bill of … Ageism. Another thing, you’re distorting things here. He never said she was a witch. Only that her VOICE sounded like one. If somebody tells you that you sound like Bill O’Reilly … does that make you Bill O’Reilly? By the way, this lady is a liberal and she feels every journalist should be a liberal. WHY? It is my understanding that the press is supposed to serve as a watchdog on government. But what we’re seeing here from this lady is political activism masquerading as journalism.

    Editor: You went over the caps quota so I lowered them. Thanks. When you do a search on this blog and see that I wrote about sexism against Palin, please come back and comment with credibility. Thanks.

  11. I think Bill was correct in calling Helen Thomas on her question. Could she have been any more silly looking when she asked such a nonsence question? As she has said herself she is a liberal who it seems cannot think of anything important to ask the president when she is fianally called upon to ask a question. Personally from her behaviour I think it is past time for her to retire as I question her ability to function as a reporter. Also the woman who appeared on Bill’s show I have a hard time agreeing with her. Why does she want to get up and defend Helen Thomas when she nor her qroup got up out of their chairs to defend Sarah Palin on how she was treated by the left leaning media. Sarah was treated horribly by certain members of the media and I saw many liberals attacking her every day. If this group wants to defend women who they preceive are under attack by the media they should first examine their motives in not defending Sarah Palin. Until they have done this and understand how they failed to speak up for Sarah Palin this group does not deserve any respect for what they claim to support as it only appears to support the Democratic point of view and not all women no matter what political point of view they may have.

  12. Oh, and by the way, I would never know what O’Reilly is saying. He’s unwatchable because of things like what Jill is posting about here. Absolutely no intellectual honesty, just bombast. Same with Hannity. It’s entertainment for unhappy people.

  13. Sir Bill was commenting on Lady Helen’s laugh. C’mon folks! Here we are getting poked in the financial behind with congressional pins poking holes in our wallets and you guys want to argue about Helen.

    Really, really listen first to how Obama acknowledged Helen Thomas. He spoke “down” to her as if she was a little kid. I am a health care professional and was taught early in my training NEVER to speak to an elder as if they were childlike. I give Kudos to Ms. Thomas for making sure she ignored Obama’s infantile tone to her. Even though her question was nonsense Helen spoke with confidence and authority.

    Now let’s get back to why the middle class has been lied to an unstimulated by our new American Idol Barack Obama.

  14. Courtney Martin is just a … child.

    Editor’s note: Hi again, Elsie – first, this post doesn’t mention Courtney – wanna tell us what and who you are talking about? Also, you know – you are past your exclamation and all caps quote for the day so I had to edit your comment again. Thanks for continuing the conversation.

  15. Feminists make me sick….!
    So hypocritical. They can surely dish it out, but CAN’T take any critisim. Such babies. Grow up.

    Editor’s note: Hi Elsie – thanks so much for your comment. As you can see, I removed the bazillion exclamations and “o”s you used in your extremely histrionic comment. It’s so funny you mention hypocrisy and then, you know, get melodramatic at the same time. Fascinating. Thanks again for visiting.

  16. I saw that Bill O’Reilly segment and it was nothing like you portray.

    It would be too much for you…to tell the truth cause the truth doesn’t fit you views.

    [Sarah Palin] is just a plain common sense person but not one of you…stood up for her cause she tells the truth and you can stand the truth!!

    Editor: Hey Bill – nice to have you around – sorry you still can’t control yourself too well, I had to edit out some of your nastiness. You have a good day now, you hear?

  17. From the editor: Sorry, honey – you don’t get to say that stuff here. But you can say it to O’Reilly at his place I’m sure.

  18. Yeah, um, Carole – go for it – where are those great nasty disparaging things said about Bill? As for myself, I said he insulted someone who shouldn’t be insulted and it’s not newsworthy. You get frustrated reading that kind of thing, there are 140 million other blogs.

  19. Oh my, Carol. I thought only men did Cro Magnon politics. The simple fact is that O’Reilly, Goldberg and others of this slimy ilk started the name-calling, and in fact live by it. It’s about all they do. So it’s always quite entertaining to watch them and their fans complain when it’s turned back on them.

  20. Geez. What a bunch of wussy whiners! Its funny how quiet these poor offended ones are when nasty name calling is aimed at O’Reilly, Goldberg and other non-Thomases.

  21. Dear folks: demanding an apology amounts to the solicitation of perjury.

    I have a better idea which I conclude with after some gleeful blogmockery of Bill.

    I think it much more appropriate to go to your favorite bookseller and get two or more brand new hardcover copies of “Front Row at the White House,” ISBN 0684868091

    If you love what I say about bill, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings were you to buy them through my link – but buy them , regardless. And give one copy to your local public library.

  22. Make fun of Helen’s opinions or question, Bill. But have the common human decency NOT to make fun of this octogenarian’s physical appearance!


    Thanks M. Rob – I’ve never gotten to do that before.

    If you leave another comment w/O’Reilly-style name-calling and personal insults, I’ll have to delete it.

    Thanks for reading and enjoy whatever it is that you do enjoy – because clearly you don’t enjoy this blog.

  24. What a bunch of sniveling whiners on this website. Bill O’Reilly rocks and Bernie Goldberg tells the truth which is more than I can say for CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSN. You all sound like that crybaby that is now in the oval office.

  25. Helen gets under certain people’s skin because she refuses to go away, refuses to stop asking hard (and the right) questions of even the most powerful, and refuses to pretend to play the silly centrist media game. At a certain age, you just plain don’t care anymore who you’ll piss off by being undecorous, and she’s long since reached that age.

  26. Michelle – thanks so much for reading and commenting.

    Remind me: How is it that, even if we take as true what you say, “She does look like the wicked witch of the west,” it makes it journalistic and newsworthy and appropriate?

  27. Get a life people. She does look like the wicked witch of the west. Get someone else in there who can ask tough questions not someone slobbering all over the President. I wonder what makes Bill so popular….could it be he’s a good commentator….40% of his audience are Democrats that should tell you something.

  28. Tam – what you wrote here says it all:

    “Maybe he didn’t have to call her the wicked witch,”


    There is just NO excuse for someone who gets the money he gets who pretends to be a journalist of some sort to say what he said about her – no matter how true.

    And, clearly, based on how many people feel that what he said was at least accurate enough for them (I am NOT in that category however), then that only shows just how much it is NOT NEWS. Another reason why O’Reilly should not be excused.

    Is this really all that people who watch him expect of him?? That is really, really sad.

    Thanks for reading and commenting though – I do appreciate it.

  29. Maybe he didn’t have to call her the wicked witch, but he is dead on. Come on people, for some reason she is still getting the perks of being in the press corp and its obvious she is another worshiper of Obama. Come on, what nonsense. She should have been put out to pasture a long time ago. What idiotic questions and comments.

  30. Bill was confused, really. He is simply incapable, after illustrious “career”, of identifying an actual journalist such as Ms. Thomas (who is a national treasure, as opposed to O’Reilly – a national embarrassment)

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