[chart] Israeli election: Livni/Kadima=30, Netanyahu/Likud=28

Israeli election results 2/09

These can change – I’ve seen it, it happens. But this is the most current spread for now.

What I don’t get is: Livni had the most last time too – but couldn’t form the coalition and that’s what got us to today.  So, now what? According to Jameel:

10:27 PM What happens next: that’s [3:27EST]

1. Final Results to be announced by 6 AM [11pmEST]

2. President Shimon Peres will then go from party to party and ask if they will form a government with the leader of the largest party (and if not, which leader would they follow).

3. Assuming it’s Livni — she will try to woo Leiberman into her government, meaning that the left would have a majority government.

4. If Leiberman holds strong, then the second largest party leader (Netanyahu) will be asked to form a government — and since the Rightwing is larger than the left, its likely he’ll succeed.

What’s this mean to anyone who hasn’t studied these coalition gov’ts?  Basically, there’s a somewhat historic realignment since Labor is coming in with fewer seats than Yisrael Beiteinu.  Typically, Likud was cast as the right wing, Labor as the left, Kadima – a relatively new party created by Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert’s party – somewhere between the two but many believed closer to being dovish, and now Yisrael Beiteinu as far right.

I know little about YB other than what I’ve read in the last few days.  Again, the idea of direct representational government is a lovely thing in theory, but in practice, I don’t know – not so much maybe.  Pretty messy actually – in my estimation.

We’ll know more over the next few hours.

Ha – Jameel! I’m just noticing – you put “Right” in blue and “Left” in red – interesting! Here in the USA, we do it the other way.

One thought on “[chart] Israeli election: Livni/Kadima=30, Netanyahu/Likud=28

  1. Jill: I put the Left in Red, because the left in Israel includes the communists…

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s grand finale 🙂

    (My latest news update shows that its basically impossible for Livni to be Prime Minister, unless the 150,000 extra votes being counted tomorrow somehow change the balance of right to left which is virtually impossible…

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