TODAY ONLY: Pepper Pike residents (& others) learn how to deer-proof gardens w/hands-on expert

Mayor Akers, City Council, residents and those who drive on Pepper Pike streets, have had to contend and will continue to contend with the deer population for the foreseeable future. This issue can be a real tug of war over a variety of aspects such as who are the natives, who are the aliens (as in species), danger to humans (in cars, on foot etc.), property damage, do we cull, don’t we cull, how do we cull, who has more rights, do animals have any rights, insurance companies – on and on and on.

After listening to one resident in particular, Marcia Unger, the mayor and council have brought in and paid for an expert, Sandy Baker (see more here about her in this 1992!! article about her work from the New York Times) to give a day-long seminar, including on-site advising, for how to deer-proof your garden! Now, this is something that I have always wanted to figure out and if it wasn’t for the fact that today is a milestone event in a family member’s life, I’d be at one of the two sessions being offered. I might still try to make it to the one at the library at 2pm. This is especially a great thing for newer residents who may not even really realize just what an issue this can be.

I’d also like to note how convenient it is that there will be two sessions, for example – I know folks in synagogue this morning won’t be able to attend the morning session, but likewise, Landerwood residents are busy cleaning up the pool and tennis courts etc. for the opening at the end of May.

Read the flyer here or go with these vitals:

10-11:30am Daisy Hill Nursery, Hunting Valley, 34050 Hackney Road, Off SOM Center Rd (between Shaker and S. Woodland)


2-3:30pm Orange Library, 31300 Chagrin Blvd.

Many thanks to the Mayor, council, Marcia Unger, Lyndhurst, Moreland Hills, Orange and Solon for their support and participation.

One thought on “TODAY ONLY: Pepper Pike residents (& others) learn how to deer-proof gardens w/hands-on expert

  1. Living on the edge of one of Akron’s larger parks, I could keep my family in meat for a very long time with a crossbow.

    Right from my deck.

    It’s not uncommon for herds of 10 or so deer to come through the yard, eating everything in sight.

    These things are a major hazard.

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