32 year old single mother of three, WOC, running for Cincy City Council

Okay – it’s true – I know nothing (more or less) about what Cincinnati needs, deserves or wants. And I know even less about Ms. Anitra Brockman.  But I love that she’s in her 30s, she’s a mom, and even tougher – she has three kids and is a college professor, an accomplished singer and, well, has a lot of ambition from what it sounds like in this Politics Extra piece:

Westside native and single mother of three, Anitra Brockman, officially enters Cincinnati City Council race as an Independent candidate this Friday: May 15, 2009.  The fundraising event takes place downtown at BlackFinn Restaurant on 7th Street from 6:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M. Candidate Brockman will use this opportunity to discuss the question, “Who is Brockman?”, while also sharing her thoughts on campaign initiative PRIORITYCincinnati. 

The theme for this event is “Who is Brockman?” which addresses the situation of the candidate being politically unknown in Cincinnati. Ms. Brockman admits, “I know people will be skeptical, and I acknowledge that voters will want assurances as far as my credibility and dependability.  I’m not afraid to answer the tough questions. ‘Who is Brockman?’ is my way of saying, ‘You don’t know me, but you should.'”

About Brockman:

Ms. Brockman is 32 years old, and a Department Chair for the Business Management program atSouthwestern College (Vine Street Campus) where she was a recipient of the 2008 “Instructor of the Year” award. She will complete her MBA within a few weeks from American Intercontinental University. In addition to caring for her three children, she volunteers her time with a variety of community organizations such as People Working Cooperatively, March of Dimes and the Marvin Lewis Community Fund “Hometown Huddle”. Ms. Brockman has also performed the National Anthem at local events such as Xavier University men’s and women’s basketball games, Cincinnati Reds games and Fleet Feet Sports Lady Distance Classic. The 2009 Cincinnati City Council race marks the first time Anitra Brockman has run for public office.

Clearly it’s not for me to decide how great or not great a fit she is for Cincinnati (objectively or in the eyes of the residents), but I’m really happy to see someone who appears to be otherwise unknown in political circles step out of what would appear to be her comfort zone and go for it. I wish her a great experience and thank her for increasing the ranks of Ohio women seeking political office.

Her website is still under construction but you can follow her on Twitter.com at twitter.com/brckman4council (easy to follow! I’m @zimon4council).

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