Tiller, Mandel, gum grafts

1. George Tiller – doctor practicing lawful medicine who was killed, via unlawful means for an end that does not justify any means. Kudos to the Plain Dealer today which included two articles and an editorial on Dr. Tiller.

2. Given the scarcity and preciousness of my time these days, I’m letting the stuff that everyone else can write about get written about by everyone else. Ohio House District 17 State Rep. Josh Mandel (R, Lyndhurst) making everything formal for his state treasurer run falls into that category (as do many things, political and non-).  You all know how to Google his name if you want to learn more about what’s going on with his campaign, but I will point you to this post by Ralph King from the right blogosphere and this one by Anthony Fossaceca from the left, as two items that stand out to me.

Ralph and I have had our differences and we write differently and have very different tones.  However, he is a dedicated conservative voice in the blogs and active in his community and for that reason, I find his post, including a comment he wrote to further clarify his opinion about Josh’s run, to be notable and influential.  It’s these kinds of posts that, anyone seeking insight, should read.  If you want the standard same old same old, you can visit the campaign website, Facebook fan page or twitter streams.

I’ve been asked by several people about my thoughts on Josh’s entrance to this race.  I’m glad to be asked, but I have to say, they’re probably exactly what you would imagine and anyone who searches on “josh mandel” in my sidebar can read what I’ve written in the past.

In short, I do not find any of what Josh has done thus far in his career to be of such stature that I would think he’s qualified to do the job as state treasurer.  While it’s true that I had no choice over current state treasurer, Kevin Boyce, at least he is now racking up experience in that very job.  The power of incumbency is obvious, but in a race between two neophytes, it makes all the difference.

On top of that, I am 100% opposed to the idea of eliminating the Ohio income tax at this point in time and I’ve written about Josh’s support for doing just that.

In different locations, there’s information that Josh had or has a consulting business.  Let’s hear more about the success of that.  Let’s hear more of anything that relates to the duties of the state treasurer.  If you’re not sure what they are, start with the departments the treasurer oversees:

Center for Public Investment Management
Community Education
Compliance and Risk Management Assessment
Human Resources and Fiscal Services
Information Technology Services
Internal Audit
Public Affairs
Revenue Management
Trust Department

I’ll take Investments for $200, Alex.

A: This elected official refused to sell stock in a company with connections to business in Iran, until two months after introducing a bill that would require Ohio’s pension plans to do so.

Q: Who is Josh Mandel?

Are the “everyone trains on the job,” argument, and the “he’ll hire good people” argument, satisfactory for a state in dire economic conditions?  Remember Western Reserve Academy graduate, Neel Kashkari, bailout overseer?  How do you feel about President Obama’s 31 year old who’s overseeing the GM bankruptcy? Don’t be hating on that Yale law school grad for a financial-related job if you’re going to build up Ohio’s own 31 year old Case Western law school grad for a financial-related job.

There’s no need to hit up any of the far from moderate positions Josh has taken on wedge and other issues because as treasurer, our main concerns should be related to the duties of the job, as you can browse to via the links above at each of the 13 departments’ descriptions.

When I learned of his formalizing the entrance, I emailed him a mazel tov, and I wish him the best of luck, on a personal level.  However, as a constituent in his district and a resident of the state of Ohio, I cannot believe that the Ohio Republican Party has no one more qualified for the job.  I’ve picked on the ORP as being incredibly one-dimensional and constantly going back to the same faces, which even look like one another, to run for office.  But you would think, when they do work to offer up someone with a slightly newer and different profile, given all the caché Republicans and conservatives have as the party that is allegedly pro-business, they would be able to recruit and prime someone with far more relevant skills and achievements for the treasurer’s job.

If you want to read a more surgical review (definitely worth your time) of why Josh Mandel is the ORP’s candidate, check out Kyle Sisk’s posts on Josh.

3. Gum grafts. I’m getting them today.  I anticipate being miserable.  Nothing new there. 😉

*This post originally included information about a zoning proposal before the city of Pepper Pike that involves a health care-related facility that is represented by my husband’s law firm.  Although I’m not an elected official of the city, nor a fiduciary with said law firm, I am recusing myself from writing about this particular zoning proposal at this time in order to avoid any potential conflict of interest or appearance of a potential or actual conflict of interest.

4 thoughts on “Tiller, Mandel, gum grafts

  1. I lived in Wichita during Operation Rescue’s “Summer of Mercy” back in 1990 or 91(I forget which). It was a town that was ripped apart in many ways with a lot of eggshell walking.

    • Rich, what do you make of the portrayal of the anti-abortion groups that are still in Wichita as being a bit lost without a tangible place to protest? There was a New York Times article about this in the last day or so and I’ve read similar elsewhere. Any opinion you’d care to share based on your experience?

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