National reviews of Ohio’s public schools

I don’t really know – I can only gauge how my district’s schools are doing according to…me.  But here are three new sets of data just out:

1. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave Ohio a grade of B

(hattip to Buckeye Battle Cry)

2. Ohio schools (total of 26) in Newsweek’s Top 1500 public schools in the country list

60 Walnut Hills Cincinnati
69 Wyoming Wyoming
113 Indian Hill Cincinnati
163 Chagrin Falls Chagrin Falls
214 Solon Solon
275 Oakwood Dayton
291 Olentangy Liberty Powell
333 Dublin Jerome Dublin
415 Beachwood Beachwood
421 Orange Pepper Pike
443 Mariemont Mariemont
448 Bexley Bexley
449 Shaker Heights Shaker Heights
666 Sycamore Cincinnati
712 Olentangy Lewis Center
724 Upper Arlington Upper Arlington
754 Ottawa Hills Ottawa Hills
793 Bay Bay Village
929 Dublin Coffman Dublin
1034 Hudson Hudson
1094 Dublin Scioto Dublin
1252 Firestone ** Akron
1306 Turpin Cincinnati
1349 Bellbrook Bellbrook
1379 Perry Perry

3. Euclid High School’s graduation rates top in country – I’m particularly excited to hear about this recognition because the graduation year noted in the Plain Dealer article is 2006, the end of the second year of small schools reform implementation. I spent hundreds of hours following the students, parents, teachers, administrators, community stakeholders and reformers from 2004-2006 at that school.  I’d love to hear follow-up from them about whether they think that effort is responsible for the results.

You can read the Diplomas Count 2009 article that includes the Euclid mention here.

You can read, browse and consider all the Diplomas Count 2009 data and narrative here.

4 thoughts on “National reviews of Ohio’s public schools

  1. Hi Russ,

    Well, originally, the money was about $1billion from Gates to 20 or so states I think from 2002-2003 through 2007-2008 – a five-year period. I understand that KnowledgeWorks in Ohio did continue to fund some of the programs, but I’m not sure which ones. Euclid left the formal program in the fall of 2006 I believe.

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