These are the OH legislators hammering out budget?

From the Plain Dealer:

As expected, the Ohio House on Wednesday rejected Senate changes to the $53.6 billion state budget, sending the bill to a conference committee to work out differences.

The group, which begins meeting today, must get a budget for 2010-11 approved by the end of the month, when the current fiscal year ends. In addition to the short time frame, the task will be complicated by new revenue estimates due out today, which could open up a hole of about $2 billion that lawmakers will have to find a way to fill.

Serving on the committee are: Reps. Vernon Sykes of Akron and Jay Goyal of Mansfield, both Democrats; Republican Rep. Ron Amstutz of Wooster; Sens. John Carey of southern Ohio and Mark Wagoner of the Toledo area, both Republicans; and Sen. Dale Miller, Cleveland Democrat.

Vernon Sykes

Jay Goyal

Ron Amstutz

John Carey

Mark Wagoner

Dale Miller

Hmmm – what’s missing from this picture?

Oh yeah! The same thing that was missing from Congress’ batch of legislators who were supposed to conference over ARRA – ten men.

I wish them luck but mostly I wish they’d have included at least one woman – especially the Democrats who have so many to choose from.  Go ahead in the know Columbus geeks – tell me how these appointments are made to see if that’s the defense (which is what the US Congress said).

One thought on “These are the OH legislators hammering out budget?

  1. I’m not sure how it impacts on the budget process, but I sense that maybe it does. Lately I’ve become more and more impatient with even the most open-minded, generous and good-hearted men setting policy that affects women when there are no or few women at the table. I mean, I have absolutely no doubt that Dale Miller (the only person on this list whose work I know fairly well) is going to advocate for the best interests of women, families and in fact, most regular people in Ohio: he is a good, good guy. But it’s time our elected officials were more representative of us as a whole.

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