And on the fifth day, she blogged

Wow. A lot of news through the Internets since I last blogged here. I have been tweeting and writing (a post here at BlogHer about the road to election day, and a deadline to meet for my August 2009 Mommy Matters column).

I’ve been following the situations in Iran (tragic but what they must do if change is what they want) and South Carolina (Sanford should resign as governor because he’s undermined and betrayed the voters’ trust but a quick disclaimer: Jenny Sanford was a classmate in college whom I did not know well but saw recently at our reunion – she’s a tough cookie, you’d need to be, but if the reconciliation process is to be real, her husband needs to step down, like Eliot Spitzer did), as well as Jimmy Dimora (needs to be outta here, there and every where), the county reform effort (reform is needed, very uncertain about current proposal), the re-emergence of gambling as a revenue source with the governor’s approval (boo hiss boo hiss as most regular WLST readers can imagine) and the proposed budget cutting decision that would destroy the country’s absolute best public library system in a state that so desperately needs one of the best ever resources provided for with our tax money.

And I haven’t even mentioned Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson.

So, if you really want to catch up, check in with the Carnival of Ohio Politics #171The Boring Made Dull made it far more exciting that WLST has been this week – many thanks for doing the editing honors.

Best news of the week? The SCOTUS decision that ruled that the strip search of a 13 year old girl by her public school principal for two Ibuprofen that never materialized nor were ingested.  Unbelievable that they thought it was reasonable in the first place.

And how about Shaq?  And Bernie Kosar?  And trying to get RNC Womens Summit conference goers to use Twitter hashtags unique to their event and not just #rnc or #gop or #tcot.  At least two very savvy Ohio women involved in the GOP attended and I confess to having a weak spot for both of them because they seem to work incredibly hard for something to which they seem incredibly loyal.  That deserves kudos.

The Summit began an initiative being called the “Interactive Womens Network” and that’s the main reason I was a bit persnickety about moving along the use of the hashtag – interactive, tweeting and all kinda needs that hashtag action to get the most out of it, from an interactive standpoint.  I must say, they were extremely receptive and I got a nice smile watching the tweet-history of the event unfold.

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