Women & Health Care Reform: Not Under The Bus, Drivers Of The Bus

From a source inside the Senate, I understand that the Senate’s vote on health care reform will now be at 7am tomorrow morning. (See more here.)

A lot of attention, appropriately, has focused on how women fare under the House and Senate versions. But just in case you thought women weren’t organized, didn’t care or couldn’t be bothered with politics and the economy and the finances behind health care, fahgeddaboutit.

The facts page along at Not Under The Bus makes the site worthwhile and worth your time. There are links and stats to satisfy every level of interest and support your email, letter or call to your house representative or senator.

In their own words, Not Under The Bus is:

  • a platform for a unified media message that supports and defends women’s rights in the national health care reform debate;
  • a media resource center on women’s health and reproductive rights;
  • a framework to end discrimination against women in healthcare;
  • a call to action to keep women safe and treat them with respect and dignity.
  • a reminder that women’s health care is central to the health of America;
  • an aggregator for the many campaigns that women’s groups have started to stop the Stupak-Pitts Amendment — the most draconian restriction on women’s reproductive rights  since the 1977 Hyde Amendment that stopped federal funding of abortion by Medicaid.

More in regard to the video:

Take a look at this new video by the Women’s Media Center that shows how women can take control of the health care reform bill and make sure they are not thrown under the bus by politicians in Washington.

Make sure you are taking your concerns to Congress and telling them that you want pro-choice, comprehensive and affordable health care!

We hope you will watch this video below and share it with friends – don’t let women get run over in the battle to pass health care reform.

The conference committee process that will begin after the winter break will be contentious and require every constituent’s involvement.  And in that speaking up, do not ever forget that you have a vote – you had it when you used it and you will be able to use it again, and again and again.

And in between? Call, write, email – take action.

One thought on “Women & Health Care Reform: Not Under The Bus, Drivers Of The Bus

  1. Jill, thanks for the shout out to Not Under the Bus. We hope to provide a useful resource for activists and invite comments on our wall. As you note, this debate isn’t going to be over for several more weeks, so it’s important to stay engaged.

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