Kucinich challenger claims USSR women had 12 to 20 abortions, each?

Eek. This political candidate’s website came up in my Google alerts today because of someone else mentioned on his site, but I browsed around anyway, because I’d never heard of him.  On his “On the issues” page, he writes,

Under the socialist / communist healthcare plan in the Soviet Union during the early part of the 20th Century, the average number of abortions grew to 12 per female regardless of age. Some women had as many as 20, thus causing a sharp rise in uterine damage and related injuries and cancers.

As you might suspect, there’s no attribution for that information.

Why am I not surprised?

4 thoughts on “Kucinich challenger claims USSR women had 12 to 20 abortions, each?

  1. Several years ago my wife took a math course at Tri C and her professor was a Russian immigrant. She doesn’t remember exactly how the conversation came about, but the professor revealed – very casually I guess, as if it were nothing – that she’d had numerous abortions when she was young and lived in the Soviet Union. My wife doesn’t remember the exact number now, but it was large, and the professor spoke of it as if it were no big thing at all.

  2. Thanks, Jeff – good points all. I’m just thinking that being as we’re in the 21st Century, something a little closer to our present and future reality, based on something a little closer…to our present and future reality, would make a person seeking public office look – I don’t know…more competent or something.

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  4. Shalom Jill,

    I can’t swear to the exact numbers, but they don’t surprise me.

    In the early days of the Soviet Union, birth control was beyond abysmal — think the systematic re-use of condoms and diaphragms with the texture of tire rubber — so free, state-supplied abortions were the No. 1 form of dependable birth control.

    That Olschlager has to go back nearly 100 years to a country that no longer exists to make his point, however, is laughable. This would be like arguing that health care reform is evil because barbers in England used to bleed sick people to relive bad humours.



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