My New Blog: In The Arena

Just launched, tinkering continues, suggestions greatly appreciated.

In The Arena: Pepper Pike City Council Member Jill Miller Zimon

7 thoughts on “My New Blog: In The Arena

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  2. Jeff – I’m going to move those two questions and add it to a third that someone left at the WCPN SOI site re: that show I was on and answer them there, ok? I’ll put them in separate posts. Thanks for asking.

  3. Shalom Jill,

    You didn’t directly link to your appearance on WCPN’s The Sound Of Ideas yesterday morning, so I’ll do it here.

    Nice job.

    I wanted to call in, but unfortunately I needed to focus on driving to my student out in Chardon (it wasn’t pretty).

    The questions I would have liked to have asked are first:

    Legislators legislate, which means that the principle form of action of any member of a legislative body is to add to the volume of paper weighing down their constituents. Given that, where could you act to reverse that pile-on and actually delete portions or whole laws presently directed at your constituents?

    And second:

    Council members, depending upon the local structure, often also exercise executive powers. Barring a coup of some sort, any new council member must face an existing structure and at some point face the “this is the way we do things. If you want to get along you have to go along,” talk. To what extent are you willing to stand in front of the tank?



  4. 🙂 Thanks, Jeff. It won’t be BlogHer on any regular basis (that I’ve been asked at this point! but ya never know).

    I’m still working it out time-wise but my plan – emphasis on plan – is to post at least once a day, at least five days a week, on In The Arena, and also try to do the same here. With “success” comes increased communication demands – you know how that can go. And those kids – those three kids, you know? Their needs just never end! 😉

    But thanks – I am glad to know someone is still looking for this kind of writing thing.

    I’m expecting to keep up this one w/women’s leadership stuff, state and national politics, county reform, anything international. But all things government and gov 2.0, plus Pepper Pike, regionalism, green space, municipal governance etc. will go on In The Arena. There shouldn’t be too much overlap, to be honest, but I can’t really anticipate.

    I have sent out an announcement to the mayor, my council colleagues, the two local papers and the PD (via Mike McIntyre).

    I’m rollin’ from there!

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