Ohio GOP chair DeWine continues to mock social work, mental health treatment

This is getting really embarrassing – it’s almost like people who continue to insist that Saddam Hussein and Iraq had something to do with 9/11 (he didn’t).  I’d urge Kevin DeWine to research the concept of projection before he makes a third public slur against the social work profession. (Ohio Secretary of State and Democratic primary candidate for U.S. Senate, Jennifer Brunner, has asked for an apology.)

Here’s DeWine’s latest attempt to offend, demean and diminish mental health professionals, from the Dayton Daily News:

[Ohio Governor Ted Strickland’s choice of Yvette McGee Brown, who is NOT a social worker] didn’t impress state Republican Chairman Kevin who used a press release to blast Strickland’s “sinking ship.”

“He might need a social worker to counsel him through that failure, but Ohio needs a governor with the backbone and experience to make bold, visionary choices,” said DeWine.

Interesting, in the prior slur, DeWine said that social workers can’t handle unprecedented fiscal emergencies. So is this DeWine’s way of telling Strickland that at least he isn’t as bad as all that because social workers could help him?

Anyway, I’m going to guess DeWine wasn’t supportive of my former State Senator Bob Spada’s successful efforts in the name of mental health parity. Regardless, seriously – Chairman DeWine, please. Yvette McGee Brown is not a social worker and you are pissing off tens of thousands of voters who are or work in the field and related fields.  It’s just not nice.

5 thoughts on “Ohio GOP chair DeWine continues to mock social work, mental health treatment

  1. Roland, thanks for hosting an active comment thread – well, ok – Ben and I have a bunch of those comments. 🙂 But still – I think this is relevant and not a toss-off. It’s more of the fratboy as usual empty words bullying thing – the ODP has done it in the past too. Though I will say that the ODP’s statement on possible GOP auditor candidate Seth Morgan stuck to facts.

  2. We are soulmates on this one, Daniel. Mental health can absolutely be affected by organic factors. Again, DeWine just keeps making himself look more and more ignorant – either he never consults with anyone, thinks he knows everything, thinks no one else will get it anyway – I just don’t know. Basically, I suspect Strickland and McGee Brown are going Pffft if they are even reading what DeWine has said. In which case, who does DeWine think he’s speaking to anyway? Ick – just the thought that he is disparaging social work to people he thinks would be turned on by him disparaging social work. Ugh.

  3. It sounds as if the slur is being extended to those who suffer from mental health crises, as DeWine seems to be referring to Strickland in that way.

    Some people inherit mental health conditions–just like some are born with congenital birth defects. It’s nobody’s fault. It just happens. Why should aspersions be cast upon such persons?

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