Forbes explains: What is this BlogHer you speak of?

And woohoo – I am in fact one of the 80 paid contributing writers. I count myself very lucky. My connections and my learning, courtesy of BlogHer, are directly responsible for what I’m doing now.

An excerpt from Forbes’ article honoring the fifth anniversary of

“BlogHer is one of the most influential blogger platforms out there,” says Sree Sreenivasan, professor of digital journalism at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. “Among tech-savvy women, they know this is the place to be.”

If you’re having trouble imagining what is really all about, think of it as an ecosystem of blogs where each feeds off the others. The site rotates headlines from the thousands of blogs in the network, which allows smaller players in the blogosphere to benefit from the traffic of larger blogs through a shared space and homepage. …

Make no mistake–BlogHer is not a pet project or an activist mission. The site, which is venture-backed by Venrock, the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family, the Peacock Fund and Azure Capital Partners, expects to be profitable for the first time this year and has just secured its third round of funding. A hefty 80% of its revenue comes from Web-based advertising, and the remaining 20% comes from sponsorships, conferences and research and consulting.

I attended BlogHer ’08 as a panelist addressing the topic of race and gender in politics, and am excited to be registered for BlogHer ’10 in NYC this year.  My most recent piece for BlogHer should be posted shortly and it is a great blend of everything I’m doing these days.  I credit the editors there for giving me great assignments (not a few of which force me to stretch!).

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