Mo Dowd at best on Bart “I don’t call up nuns” Stupak

As if we needed any further evidence of why the old boys network, if it ever functioned to help anyone is the least functional model of networking now, Maureen Dowd says it all in her column, “Eraser Duty for Bart?”

An excerpt but please, read the whole thing:

We might have to bang Bart’s head into a blackboard a few times before he realizes that in a moral tug-of-war [regarding right-to-life language] between the sisters and the bishops, you have to go with the gals.

For decades, the nuns did the bidding of the priests, cleaned up their messes, and watched as their male superiors let a perverted stain spread over the entire church, a stain that has now even reached the Holy See. It seemed that the nuns were strangely silent, either because they suspected but had no proof — the “Doubt” syndrome — or because they had no one to tell but male bosses protecting one another in that repugnant and hypocritical old-boys’ network.

Their goodness was rewarded with a stunning slap from the über-conservative Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican is conducting two inquisitions into the “quality of life” of American nuns, trying to knock any independence or modernity out of them.

The witch hunt has sparked the nuns to have a voice at last. …

The nuns stepped up to support true Catholic dogma, making sure poor people get proper health care. (Which would lead to fewer abortions anyway.)

The men running the church seem oblivious to the fact that, with the ranks of priests and sisters dwindling, they can’t afford to alienate the nuns who make their schools and hospitals run smoothly.

Dowd had a rough patch in my opinion during the 2008 elections but there’s no question in my mind that in this kind of column, she re-asserts her powerful way of getting at so many points, at different levels, in one column.

6 thoughts on “Mo Dowd at best on Bart “I don’t call up nuns” Stupak

  1. I wonder how HCR will play out w.r.t. fertility treatment. Selective reduction is another name for abortion. I think people would be surprised by the ubiquity of fertility treatment and selective reduction in our society.

  2. I don’t see how anyone who claims to be pro-choice could support this new law. Under this law, many women who currently have private insurance that covers abortion will no longer have such coverage.

  3. Jill wrote: “I like how she highlights the different way that even between nuns and bishops, there is a difference of opinion.”

    Actually, that should be “some nuns and the bishops.” Other nuns agree with the bishops.

  4. My liking her column isn’t because I take her as authoratative on Catholic doctrine. I like how she highlights the different way that even between nuns and bishops, there is a difference of opinion. That’s what most grabbed me.

  5. Just because Dowd says something is true Catholic doctrine, doesn’t make it so. The Catholic Church is pro-life and it always will be. I don’t understand why people have such a problem with it. If you don’t like it, don’t attend.

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