LIVE-BLOG: Cleveland City Club Brunner-Fisher Debate

Cleveland City Club Brunner-Fisher Debate (Ohio Democratic Primary for US Senate)

2 thoughts on “LIVE-BLOG: Cleveland City Club Brunner-Fisher Debate

  1. I am sorry you are so you are so “irritated”–Jennifer(if I can call her that since all her posting use that moniker) while she says she cannot ” officially” endorse anyone , she must feel she can “Unofficially” criticize the Lt Governor(who happens to be her opponent in ht e primary) and the Governor who has endorsed Lee. What is so ironic she has enforced her choice to succeed her–some she supposedly handpicked. Believe me their are other instances where she crossed her own new :ethical :line. Unfortunately Jennifer has made this very personal and vindictive. As a woman I resent her using her Gender to claim her right to the office she simply is not qualified to hold. She had a less than outstanding judicial career and now the affirmation oath, which she knows is unconstitutional , suddenly is implemented as one of her “dirty tricks”. For example what will she say when a primary voter comes in and says the following:” While I resent your invasion of my privacy and right to secrecy as a voter, I will affirm that I plan to vote for only one Democrat and I affirm I will also vote for him in the General election.” Have Jennifer answer that question in advance so chaos can be avoided at the polls.
    Finally I know she has made it possible for the republican to gain control of the redistricting Board in 2011. She is astute to avoid this real possibility that she solely will be responsible for–so if you want to be indignant you should find enough about “jennifer” to vent your anger.

  2. I seriously could not be more irritated right now if I tried — Lee Fisher is both ignorant and condescending with his “Jennifer, will you support me if I win” nonsense. One, call her by her full name and title, and two, I should think the Lt. Governor would know that an acting Sec. of State can’t officially endorse anyone. I’m glad she made that clear to him.

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