Alice Miller & Plain Dealer Page of Violence*

Take a look at the Plain Dealer’s Metro section today, page B3.  Here are the headlines:

North Ridgeville teen guilty of killing of sex abuser

Brooklyn ex-mayor pleads not guilty in 2008 case [charges involve assaulting a woman at City Hall while the ex-mayor was drunk]

Couple: Boy found beaten, tied to table

Crash: Community staggered by teenagers’ deaths [car crash involving 3 teens including one – who crashed into a car pulling out of  a driveway – who has admitted driving with a broken speedometer on a classic Mustang]

Then read this obituary of Alice Miller and this account of her work at Alice Miller, Child Abuse and Mistreatment. It’s not just what makes it to B3.

What are people thinking?

Devastating. Just absolutely tears rolling down my cheeks red with anger devastating.

We have failed to inculcate that there were laws to protect animals before there were laws to protect kids and that being a parent involves undertaking the single most grave responsibility there is in this life: raising another human being.

*TO BE CLEAR: It’s not the PD’s fault that people are committing these acts.  Yes, they choose the news we end up reading, but “but for” people being behind these acts, there wouldn’t be any of this to report.  Frankly, if I thought it would keep one person from hurting another and protect one person from being hurt, I’d tell the PD to fill an entire day’s edition full of these stories until people rid themselves of every tool of anger, rage, intolerance and lack of a conscience.  If we don’t trust that we can make an argument with words to persuade others, I refuse to accept that using violence will reach any preferable result.

One thought on “Alice Miller & Plain Dealer Page of Violence*

  1. Thanks for the link to Alice Miller’s obit; I would have missed it otherwise. This all reminds me I need to call my “Twisted Sister” so we can begin to commiserate over the topic of Mother’s Day: What do we really owe her, anyway?

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