PD publishes cautionary items re: biz & social media on same day DDR starts expansive online community

Just seems ironic to me.

The PD pieces:

About the interplay between employees, social media and the social media used by the employers as part of their business: Social media post the latest challenge in separating work from personal spaces

The second item, which appears as a separate article in the print version called, “New Danger Areas. ” is on the same webpage as the one mentioned above.

And from Developers Diversified Realty’s press release:

As consumer expectations evolve with rapidly changing emerging media applications, Developers Diversified Realty (NYSE: DDR), owner, manager and developer of an international portfolio of shopping centers, is launching a program to engage consumers in an online medium they embrace – social media. Developers Diversified created ShopStar, an interactive online community that brings together like-minded consumers and provides value to shoppers across the country.

Launching June 1, 2010, ShopStar leverages two of today’s most popular social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter – to create an online hub for a fun, tight-knit and customer-focused retail and entertainment community that offers surprises and perks throughout the year, including spending sprees, prize packages, freebies and experiences. This “VIP Club” is brought to life by partnerships between the shopping center and its tenants, both working together to ensure customers find valuable rewards and engage in meaningful dialogue throughout all elements of the program.

How DDR handles social media with their employees would be the follow up question related to the PD coverage.

I also think the PD should include a sidebar that notes why, with all the new danger areas, businesses are taking the leap anyway.  There must be some reward they’re anticipating, even with the risks.  Let’s hear more about that.

One thought on “PD publishes cautionary items re: biz & social media on same day DDR starts expansive online community

  1. We are living in challenging times; all these media both open up the whole world to us and can provide a wavering, artificial, and/or solid sense of community–depending on one’s luck or temperament. I resisted the pull of cyberspace for a while…and just read a few moments ago another person’s blog entry bashing those who blog. For many, Facebook is an extension of self, like a new appendage. As for me, I’m both sighing and seeking in cyberspace.

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