Army of Bloggers for Breast Cancer Research

This program is very interesting and if it works, that will be great. I went through genetic testing (don’t have the gene) for breast cancer 11 years ago but that was in part to determine if I should enter a clinical trial being done locally and in regard to breast cancer prevention tactics.  I read everything that comes my way and get regular exams but I do have a higher risk than most women due to family history and age when I had my first child (31).  So I would definitely like to stay up on and participate in research, especially if it’s simple.

According to Susan Niebur, it is – here are her suggestions for how to get involved (I’m both blogging about the Army and I joined it):

Of course you don’t have to have a blog to join, it’s just an added way of reaching out to more potential participants.  Research. It does a body good – and hopefully can help better prevent and treat breast cancer.

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