Update: Well-known Online & Offline Conservative “Unfriends” Me Because…We Don’t Really Know Why

Last night I blogged about how I’d asked the well-known conservative talk radio personality who said, “liberal feminism is fake, it’s a shtick used by older women who are irrelevant in today’s politics.” to please let me know if that statement, found in a blog post at the EMILY’s List blog (which I got to only because my friend and fellow pundit, Joanne Bamberger, had, from her Facebook page, linked to a different post on the same blog and I wandered over to the other EL posts about the Smart Girl Summit), was accurate.  We know each other from having overlapping tenure as Contributing Editors at BlogHer.com (I still write for them, she does not – as far as I know).

I’ll spare everyone the silliness of the she said-she said stuff (but I strongly recommend this excellent take by Joanne Bamberger in her post, “The New Political Mean Girls”); those of us who are familiar with this person have come to expect exactly how she over-reacted, rather than just answering the question.  This post is about some conservatives phobia for being real or, in their version of what they consider to be being real, are incapable of going beyond talking points and derision. Why on earth would a person with literally thousands if not tens of thousands of public followers and maybe many times more private admirers unfriend someone like me, whom she has already attempted to argue and assert is, in her opinion, politically irrelevant?

Waste of time, is irrelevant, yada yada yada.  But really folks, if it was all that – why not just answer the darn question about the quote and move on?  Why take a simple request for clarification and turn it into a reason to bash EMILY’s List (and those who know know that I’ve done a bit of that myself over the years)?

The message sent is the same one sent by the GOP candidates who won’t face the public and debate their opponents: they are telling you, voters, that if you challenge them, consider yourself no longer relevant to them.  And if they get into office or help make and/or implement policy, you can be sure that they will consider you irrelevant then too – all along the way, except at the voter booth and in the cable news ratings.

2 thoughts on “Update: Well-known Online & Offline Conservative “Unfriends” Me Because…We Don’t Really Know Why

  1. I’m sure you are right about that, Joanne. Just saw a tweet about something similar, maybe an hour ago. Guess the new thing is just to see how many Americans, who are taxpayers, who are voters, you can call irrelevant.

  2. Funny — that’s basically what the GOP pollster said about my comments on CNN last week when I was talking about moms being political influencers online. He scoffed at the assertion and said the only thing we’re good for is our votes, and good luck thinking you’ve got any influence beyond our votes.

    Was there a GOP memo about that they circulate to each other?

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