Top 10 Lists of Women Political Bloggers

Never again will you have to sit in silence should you hear anyone say that they just couldn’t find a woman to ask or write or blog or do commentary about something in politics.  Enjoy!

1. 2010 Must-Read Political Blogs by Women (nonpartisan list out this month)

2. 30 Political Mom Bloggers Who Will Change Your Vote (nonpartisan list out his month, limited to moms)

3. #43-58 of 100 Conservative Blogs (partisan list from September 2010)

4. Top 20 Political Bloggers (nonpartisan list, limited to moms, 2010)

5. The Political Voices of Women – Over 500 Women Political Bloggers (nonpartisan list, not limited to moms, began in 2008 but updated continuously)

6. 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2010 (nonpartisan list, not limited to moms, January 2010)

7. Top 50 Influential African American Political Blogs (includes some authored by women)

8. For local women’s political blogging, check out this November 2009 list of progressives in Texas

9. BlogHer Women Political Blogger search toolbar (a great widget created in 2008 and still going)

10. Bonus link from Morra Aarons at techPresident, when, in 2007, she gazed into the future with, “Women Online: Facts, Figures, and the 2008 Election.

Got more to list? Please do! Add them in the comments and we’ll update this post. Especially of interest: state lists because we love to get the local flavor of what is happening on the ground.

Cross-posted from Woman and Politics.

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