Ohio GOP, John Kasich & Josh Mandel’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The Ohio Elections Commission has dismissed a complaint made by Former Fox personality and now Republican candidate for Ohio governor, John Kasich, and filed against the campaign of Governor Ted Strickland. The complaint stemmed from the traditionally wretched ratings Kasich has gotten over the years from the NRA. Even the Buckeye Firearms Association, which gives Strickland an A+, chastised Kasich. From Cincinnati.com:

Columbus attorney Donald McTigue argued that Kasich got an F-rating from the NRA in 1994 for his congressional vote in favor of banning assault weapons.

The Republican and Democratic members of the commission panel agreed, and in a 2-1 vote found no probable cause that Strickland’s campaign broke state elections law.

And, according to a statement from the Ohio Democratic Party, the Ohio GOP’s candidate for Treasurer, Josh Mandel, received even worse news.

The Ohio Elections Commission has unanimously slapped Representative Josh Mandel and the Ohio Republican Party with a probable cause finding for what have been denounced as “scummy,” “bigoted,” “irresponsible,” and “false” political attacks. The unanimous ruling was made by a bipartisan panel of one Independent, one Democrat and one Republican member of the commission.

Mandel’s ad has been denounced by major newspapers across Ohio. It was listed as one of the top ten most egregious lies in the 2010 election by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Politics Blog. Ad checks by Politifact Ohio and ABC 13 in Toledo have previously found the statements to be false.

The Commission found probable cause that Representative Mandel and the Ohio Republican Party committed multiple violations of Ohio law with their TV and print attacks. The statements include innuendo and lies from Mandel that Treasurer Boyce, a Christian, is a Muslim, and that he only made a state job available at a mosque.

More here from the Columbus Dispatch.

Definitely the Ohio GOP’s version of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

2 thoughts on “Ohio GOP, John Kasich & Josh Mandel’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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  2. It seems strange. We are celebrating the backing of the Dem candidate by the NRA. Oh well. Good news is good news regardless of the source.
    Mandel’s ads have been a major disappointment. The question is whether the decision by the Election Commission, even a unanimous decision, will have any impact on the election.

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